A REAL Oooooops .... HELP!

[B][COLOR=Purple]So I had this idea to make a shawl, out of all my scraps … good idea, you bet… so I started :knitting:& :knitting:. Alas, I did not check guage of any kind, and ended up with NINE FEET of shawl. [/COLOR][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=Purple] [SIZE=4][COLOR=Blue]NINE FEET[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/B][B][COLOR=Purple].

Go ahead :roflhard::passedout:… you may :roflhard: now.

I cast on lengthwise, and now have this monster on my hands (go ahead, continue :rofl:) I did.

[U][COLOR=Blue]POINT[/COLOR][/U]: Do you have any idea how I can “cut” this baby up & make two shawls out of it? No frogging here, as the pattern (yes, I had a pattern that I looked @ once) … :teehee: Anyway, I will try to get to the point here, the pattern is such that at each end I cut the yarn & add new (:frog:frogging out). So the “fringe” is made each row.

I hope this makes sense, and that you have recovered enough from :roflhard: to lend a poor knitter a hand.

With love & affection :heart:

Hey Carol! You live in Bend, I live in Salem; maybe we could share the shawl? :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to read the instructions on steeking, be a good way to learn a new techinique. Of course, your pattern may not lend itself to doing so, just an idea off the top of my head.

BTW, I’m over six feet tall. Some of us like long shawls!

You could fold it over so it’s 4.5 feet, seam up the two long sides and make a sleeping bag:roflhard:

Awww, hell, keep goin n make it into a king size bedspread!!! LOL
Been there done that.
I made a sweater for hubbiness and he’s a big man, so I found a pattern I wanted to use and (this was before I got internet n all that good stuff) I thought well the pattern only goes up to a large and he’s a triple x so I just used bigger needles (two sizes). It ended up being big enough to fit King Kong. This was also before I was able to knit with wool too. So it was knit with acrylic. I ended up using it for a coverup nitee in the winter time. The dang thing went to my knees and so did the sleeves.
Oi, adventures in knitting huh?

You could run a lifeline through two rows toward the center, cut between them and bind off the live stitches from the lifeline.

Thank you Ingrid, now I will learn what a lifeline is. I really appreciate your advice.


[B][COLOR=Teal]I searched out lifeline & steeking. I am pretty confused, as it looks like both methods are used when the knitting is width-wise, my 9’ monster is knit lenthwise.

Do you think either would work for me?

Again, thanks bunches,

What are your dimensions? 9 feet long and how wide?

You know, the lifeline may not work for this, but steeking would. You could crochet or machine sew two lines up the scarf and cut between. You’d have to pick up stitches along the edges and finish them off somehow, though.

Or you could make a couple more really long scarves and sew them together for a bedspread.:teehee:

[B][COLOR=Blue]Thanks again for your direction.:muah:

The shawl is knit lenthwize, so I don’t have an “edge” to work with, I think I will attempt to “sew” it in two & simply cut in between the sewing. I can hand sew it, so maybe it will work.

I could pick up the sts & made a blanket. OH now I have so many options!!!

Again, :hug:for all your help.