A Real Live Roadrunner

It is SO cool to live in the country. I just snapped pics of a real roadrunner in my back yard :teehee:. He seemed quite a comical bird, seemed to be having fun hopping from side to side on my fence…and boy could he run!!!

That is sooooo cool. I saw a real roadrunner for the first time 2 years ago when we went horseback riding in Arizona. My boyfriend laughed at me when I said it looks so different from the cartoon (meaning the body shape obviously not the color). The zoos back East didn’t have any so I never saw one before. But they are so pretty in person. and boy do they run fast!!

Same with a possum. Cartoons make them look cute. but I saw one in person for the first time at eye level at night on a fence 3 years ago in CA. I scream bloody murder. They look like giant rats. ugh. Not so cute.

I got plenty of possums too, and snakes. Hubby likes to capture them live just to freak me out. Here he is, I believe this is a Copperhead, just a teenager, but just as deadly. More on my Flickr album, just search for ‘snake’

I was going to say that we like the roadrunners around here, because they will kill the snakes! Sorry I just do not like snakes.
We live in a rural area and heaven knows what will be outside on a regular basis. The other morning there was a coyote in our back yard.
I’m glad you got a picture of that roadrunner, they are really cool. We had one that stayed around for a couple of years. I haven’t seen it in a long time.

Thanks for the picture. I have never seen one before. Apparently, we don’t have them in Alabama. We have copperheads, though, and I wouldn’t pick one up for nothing. I hope he is careful. We have possums and they do look like giant rats, but their tails are pretty cool, to be able to hang by them.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

What a neat picture!

If you have small dogs or cats, keep an eye out, the coyotes will kill them for food. We have one in our neighborhood too and he attacked and took off with a Yorkie right before the owner’s eyes.

I know the coyotes are horrible. I have actually seen 3 this summer. We have lived in this house since 1993 and that whole time I had only saw 4 or 5. They are really thick this summer for some reason. I have always heard them, but 2 were right in the middle of the road.
Deer come around also and eat the leaves off our fruit trees and rose bushes. We also have owls which are also bad for small animals.

wait you mean they are real? haha, i thought it was only a cartoon character.

Hey I’ll take your coyotes. We are over run with pocket gophers and deer. It’s getting more and more difficult to raise a garden or a decent hay crop.

I wish I could send the coyotes to you! We have horrible gopher problems also. My cats have really helped with that! They think it is some kind of sport. We have tried just about anything you can think of to get rid of the gophers. Caddyshack anyone?

YUP! Me too. And yes, they do REALLY run REALLY fast just like the cartoon. :teehee:

I’m thankful for the coyotoes AND snakes. I’ve been in the country for 5 years now, seen plenty of vipers, but thankfully NOOOOOOOOO rats!!! I’ll take the snakes over the rats any day! Oh, and NO gophers here either, I think I saw a mole once, but I’m not sure. My mom lived in the heart of Texas but not in the country and she had TONS of gopher problems. It was quite comical really, because she is NOT a country girl.

I wasn’t either, and I pretty much freaked out when I saw my first viper and scorpion (yup we got those here too…IN the house and out!). But by the time I saw my second snake in the garden I was chopping his head off, and after being stung 3x by scorpions they don’t bother me any more. One of the stings was from one which stowed away in my totebag and stung me while I was driving and reached in the bag. LOL! That one still freaks my mother out!

I want to see roadrunners! We had a little CHihuahua, Chico, that we loved but couldn’t housebreak. My cousin took him. A coyote killed him a couple of weeks ago.

Oh NO!!! I’m so sorry to hear that. Since I heard about the coyote around here and all our doggies are 14 lbs. and under, I never let them out without supervision…and a very big stick!

She goes out with her dogs in the morning but they kind of run ahead. She could tell by the way they were barking that there was something wrong and she called them back. They all ran back except Little Chico and she could hear him screaming. Her husband chased and the coyote dropped him but his neck was broken. They were devastated. Everyone loved Chico. When my Abby was a baby my boyfriend was outside with her and an owl stared at her from a big tree across the street and then crossed to the tree closest. I insisted then that she always be on a leash when she went outside. She’s only 11 pounds full-grown.

I SO sorry for your loss! I pray they will all be in Heaven with us someday! :angelgrin:

Meep Meep!
Very cool! Thanks for the pic…he has crazy eyes!
When I was younger, I thought the sand pipers at the lake were roadrunners. They would run like the dickens down the dirt road leading to our cabin…made sense to me at the time.:teehee:

And if it had opened its mouth, you would have seen a resemblance to a crocodile. It’s incredible what a large and deadly-looking mouth possums have.