A quick weekend vest or sweater knit?

[B][COLOR=“DarkSlateBlue”]Hi all anyone have a link to a quick weekend knit, a v-neck vest preferably but I will take whatever is out there, (vest or sweater), that could possibly be done within 2 days

Thanks in advance![/COLOR][/B]

I’m not up to sweaters and vests yet, much less in a weekend! But you might search around on the Lion Brand site, as they seem to have a lot of “quick knits.” Maybe you’ll find something there.

I agree check out the Lion Brand website and look at the patterns for the chunky yarns. Also, the Anthropologie capelet could be done in a weekend.


I just knitted the hooded vest on the latest KnitSimple magazine cover. It’s touted as a weekend project and it took me two days. I made it for my daughter. It was an easy pattern and turned out very cute.