A quick hello

I am a new user on this forum… well on forums in general. i have recently retired, and whilst I have been knitting in the evenings for many a year…I thought it might be good to get out there do some more to fill my days.

A few of the grandchildren have already put in requests for various bits and bobs, I’m hoping its gonna be a cold winter… I was going to make the presents for Christmas this year rather than buy, I think it would make it a lot more personal.

Anyway, I’ll try not to ramble, I just wanted to meet others that shared my passion.


Hello and WELCOME!!!:happydance:

Welcome to the forum! I’m a forum addict! I just get sucked in to all this chatter about knitting and can’t pull myself away. I would get a lot more knitting done if I turned the computer off. :roll: So I’m sure your days will now be filled as well as your evenings. :mrgreen:

Welcome:waving: Glad you have joined us

Welcome Myra! Ooh, you’re going to get sucked into the forum so quickly, before long you’ll be furiously checking for new posts. I’m not sure what is more addictive - knitting, or talking to fellow enthusiasts about knitting (and gaping at their pictures and lusting after their stash and admiring their creativity…).

Welcome and hello! :waving: This is a great forum! People here are so very nice and helpful.

I hope it is a cold winter too - I have lots of handknit socks to wear.

Welcome, Myra! Have a look around and if you have questions just ask! :thumbsup:

Welcome Myra!! I know you are going to love it here as much as we do!! looking forward to seeing all the projects you are going to make for your grandkids!!

thanks for the welcome, I hope that your experience will help me in both the computer and to keep up with the trends so that my grandkids will enjoy wearing the stuff I knit

thanks for the welcome just a bit nervous using the forum, not sure of the correct way of speaking to folk

Great to have so many nice people replying I am sure I will used to you all soon, hope I don’t make any gaffs

thanks for the welcome I just feel a bit nervous joining in

Thanks I hope I will use the forum correctly you’re all being so nice

Hi Myra, Welcome.

There is no need to be nervous here. We are all a lovely bunch of people, who pull together as a community.

I joined and knew nobody and now i can say i have made friends with many wonderful people.

Welcome!! I hope you post often so we can get to know you…look forward to seeing your knitting projects :happydance: