A question

I have a crochet pattern that I use to make lapghans to donate. It is done on the bias. I increase every row, beg and end of ea row, until I get to the width I want, and then decrease every row, beg and end of ea row, - and end up with a square lapghan. My question is this:

once I get to the width I want, if I continue without decreasing for X number of rows and then start decreasing will I create a rectangle instead of a square. Or is that just too simple and won’t work.

You’ll get more of a rhomboid or lozenge shape than rectangle I think. To make the rectangle, continue to inc on one edge, but dec on the other edge. Then when it’s the length you want, dec on both edges.

Thanks very much! Should I do this before I reach the width I want or once I’ve reached the width. Sorry if I’m being dense.

Once it’s as wide as you want, then dec one side, inc the other edge. The width should be measured up one edge from where you started to the last row you did, not across the row.