A question of yarn and blocking

I made up a gauge swatch for a sweater using knitpicks merino style. I was thinking that I should block the swatch to see how the yarn will react. My question is, do you think I will be able to recover the yarn from the swatch after blocking to use on the sweater? The sweater is supposed to be blocked when finished, so I’m thinking that if there IS a difference between the blocked and unblocked yarn, it will go away once the whole sweater is blocked. Thanks in advance.

I don’t have a definite answer–I don’t generally do swatches, per se. However, if you’re concerned, you could use the blocked yarn for seaming so there would be no problem.

it’s all knit in the round! :doh: :crying:

I was afraid of that. If I had to use it or run out of yarn, I’d use it for any ribbing for cuffs and such, or around the neck.

Hopefully someone will have had experience with this. I just think that yarn that’s been blocked will likely knit up to a slightly different gauge than unblocked. In the end, though, when you block the whole sweater, it should even out, I’d think.

If you don’t need the yarn, you can felt it for a coaster, maybe. :rollseyes: