A question of understanding yarn

I want to learn more about yarn - about the weight system, about what yarn seems to be preferable for what sort of project, the different types of yarn… anything would be fine. Is there a book/books out there that would provide me with this information? Perhaps a class? Your help is most appreciated. :slight_smile:



Here’s a start.

Here’s some basic info:

Yarn comes in several sizes of thickness. Knitting worsted is 4-ply, made up of 4 twisted-together strands [plies]. Sports weight yarn is made of 3-ply, 3 twisted-together strands. And I think the finer baby yarn/sock yarn is 2-ply.

Yarn can be created from any of several different kinds of fibers, each of which has its own pro’s and con’s. Wool will retain its warming qualities but has washing and [sometimes] itching issues. Cotton is very good at cooling, feels oddly nice but also has washing issues [easy to shrink the stuff!] and is by far the least-stretchy of fibers, making its use for close-fitting items such as socks do-able, but you need to adapt the pattern to compensate for non-stretching. Acrylic fibers don’t keep warmth when wet but are a dream to wash and dry.

At least this is a generalized start at answering your question.
Hope this helps,

The ply system used to be used, but sometimes sport yarn is made up of 4 actual plies and some bulky is only 2. So that’s not a reliable method to use. Here’s another chart - http://www.fiber2yarn.com/info/wpigauge.htm

I’m not sure if this is the type of thing that you are seeking, but The Knitter’s Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarnby Clara Parkes is supposed to be very detailed; perhaps more in depth than you want?


This is all awesome, thank you! :smiley: