A Question of Gauge

Well, I’m using the pattern generated by this Sock Calculator, and I’m having some troubles.

My stitch gauge is right on @ 6 stitches/inch, but my row gauge is off by 1-1/2 stitches. It’s supposed to be 7.5 rows/inch, but mine is coming out 9 rows/inch. Oddly enough, though, this sock is turning out to be quite huge. How can this be?

And what can I do to adjust my row gauge w/out changing needle size? Am I pulling the stitches too tight?

Since they’re socks, could you just adjust the length in the places where it matters? Like at 7.5 rows maybe the cuff would turn out 3"…just knit 3" with the current row gauge instead of the number of rows it syas?

Oh, yes, I can do that. I was just curious as to why it was turning out so big even though my gauge should be knitting up smaller. Weirdness.

Also, there are no pictures of the socks created by this pattern. So, initially, I was thinking this would be a crew sock, but it’s actually a knee sock, and that’s fine. It just seems big. Around as well as tall.

oh, I thought it was just bigger tall wise…it is WEIRD that it would be wider too even though the spi gauge is on.

Hmm. What fiber are you using? Maybe the sock needs to blocked before measuring.

I’m using Lion Brand Magic Stripes, so it should be fine. Plus, I entered the gauge into the calculator according to the gauge the yarn is to be knit @ according to the label.

I seem to recall that the gauge for knitting in the round is different than the one for knitting in flat…so if your swatch was done flat, and teh sock is knitted in teh round, teh gauge might not correspond anymore
Alex :doh:

Yep, it IS different; I’d heard that, forgot about it, and then I experienced it, much to my dismay! :frog:

The gauge swatch will have to be done in the round. It stinks.

The difference between in the round and flat is often only evident when you do multicolor. I don’t think it would make that much difference in this case.

Did you consider that the calculator may be wrong?

Oh, yes, I did. I also think I was expecting a crew sock & got a knee sock. I ended up frogging about 30 rows yesterday because I didn’t like the way the decreases were looking. I’m much happier w/ them now.

Anyway … I didn’t swatch the yarn :hiding: … I used the label info, but I’m usually pretty close to that, anyway. I just thought it was weird that my stitch gauge was on, but the row gauge was off, and I don’t know how to change that because changing the needle size is going to affect my stitch gauge, too.

Oh well … I’ll just keep knitting on these things & see what comes of them. I’ll make sure to post a picture in the Sock Calculator thread so everyone can see what it makes. I haven’t been able to find pictures of the outcome anywhere.