A question of blocks

Hey Amy, and anyone else who can answer my question!!

I have finally finished the centre panel of my baby blanket but I’m wondering if I should block it first before picking up and knitting the borders, or should I knit the borders and then block?

I’d be more inclined to knit then block but wanted some expert opinions!

It’s on my blog if you want to see it, along with my finished Irish Hiking Scarf.


I can’t help you with your question. But you aren’t even going to THINK about making scarves for the other guys, are you??? I must be totally selfish. Everything I make (I am kind of new tho), I want for ME!!! I am making a vest for my husband tho. Is that baby blanket for you?? I wouldn’t even dream of making a baby blanket like that to give away. I just fear someone else wouldn’t take care of all my HARD HARD work.

And by the way, Ireland is my next vacation spot. Used to think I wanted to go on a bike tour there, but I hear it rains all the time. So how does one ride a bike?


Hi Egeria,

I can’t imagine that blocking at this phase will improve the knitting in any way. Unless I’m missing something about the technique you’re using. You’re just picking up stitches? You’ll still be picking up the same stitches in the same places no matter what, right? So, you might as well wait and block it all together at the end, I would think.

But I should warn you, blocking is my weak point! I hate blocking and avoid it whenever possible!! LOL. :lol:


Hiya Jouf,

Yes the baby blanket (with matching hat and mittens) are a gift for a friend who just had a baby in December. I know she’ll take good care of it as she appreciates the hard work I’m putting into it!

If I didn’t have people to give my knitting away to I’d be overrun with knitted goods!!

I do have one scarf in the works for a guy at work but we need to pick out the wool and colour yet. That’s the ‘Nearly as long as a Dr. Who Scarf but it’s NOT a Dr. Who Scarf’ Scarf.

Anyway, I’m sure once people see such hard work and dedication you put into your work they will be clambering to get their hands on something you’ve made!

As for biking in Ireland, last summer I had the priviledge of giving a group of French cyclists directions…in French!! I think if you pick July/August you’ll be alright, but most cyclists have raingear with them at all times!

Amy, thanks for that, you’re right that it won’t matter where I pick up the stitches before or after I block. Picking up stiches is my weak point tho so I’m going to take my sweet time doing it! I’ll block it afterwards (which, I must admit, I’ve never blocked before so I’m a tad nervous!).

Anyway, after work I’ll see about starting a border on that blanket.