A question for all you knitters in warm places

In Oregon, finding stuff to knit is easy. I can never have enough warm hats, and scarves. I’m really wondering, what do you guys in warm places knit? A wool hat wouldn’t be practical in Arizona, so what do you knit?

They have snow in the mountains of N Arizona, so it can get quite cold there in the winter too, just like the northern states. And in the summer the A/C is set on ‘freeze’ so it gets cold indoors where shawls and light sweaters are nice to have.

I live in southern CA and it gets down into the 40’s at night sometimes. Some days it’s only in the 50’s in the winter so warm things are good here, too. I do knit a lot for charity though so a lot of warm stuff goes elsewhere.

Hats! Of course we don’t get really cold weather in Htown, but when those cold fronts come in, brrr it gets cold for us homies. We also knit scarves cuz we have to be styling when we go to work in the a.m. Right now I’m working on my first sweater. It’s for my son and I’m making it out of wool-ease chunky. My high school age son is big into knit hats and I have been busy knitting for him. Some of the girls in Houston love crocheted hats and I’ve been known to make those too! By the way, I don’t live in Arizona, but I’ve been there and the nights can get cold.:knitting:

I live in the SF bay Peninsula and it gets pretty hot up here.The hot weather never really stopped me from wearing anything knit…ever.

I’ve never been too fond of tanning or showing my leg skin so I tend to use thigh high stockings with my mini skirts in the summer.I also have motorcycle boots, combat boots and generally nice fashion boots that would really hurt without layers of socks.My various school uniform outfits just wouldn’t look complete without leg warmers.

There’s a ton of non protective things to knit though. I will never get tired of black doilies for my tables. I don’t think I can cram enough lace into this apartment. AND AMIGURUMI??O_O So many cute, pointless things to crochet.

I walk every morning, rain or shine, and all winter have been very grateful for my wool sweater, hats, scarves, mittens, legwarmers and socks. I live in Southern Arizona. Even though we didn’t have snow down in the valley, it’s still been cold enough to freeze a few times and cold and wet enough to see your breath many times.

I have nice cotton knit tops for the summer as well as cotton socks. Those people that work in the overly ACed buildings use sweaters, shawls and socks in the summer.

And I spend the summer knitting Christmas and birthday presents.

People in Florida don’t generally need warm things either, but I bet lots of them wished they’d had them last month…

Well it’s chilly in the Bay area in the summer, especially if you’re close to the water. But yeah, it can get cold in the rainy winters too.

I live in Texas and we really only have about 2 months (non-continuous) of weather cold enough to pull on a sweater. I knit a lot of socks and summer sweaters are always nice, as well. I have a pattern for a knit tank top done with fingerweight yarn. I’m finally going to make something for myself after so many years.

Also, knit caps are huge down here right now. I’ve got a toque OTN right now of an English cap that my daughter say David Beckham wearing and showed to her brother who now HAS to have one. I’m doing it when I’m sick of the ribbing in my husband’s sweater.

Down here in Central Texas (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains) it still gets pretty cold for a couple months. For example, freezing rain is in our forcast for tonight. Nevermind that we were in the 70’s last week :roll: So I still need warm socks and scarves and even mittens on occasion. However, most of my knitting is done in cotton because I love knitted dishclothes! It’s the whole reason I started knitting in the first place :wink:
Plus, since DH is in the military, I can always hope our next base is further up north. Then I can finally try my hand at sweaters!

Thats interesting! How cool!:stuck_out_tongue: And to clarify, I didn’t specificly mean Arizona only. I used it as an example.

I live in FL and I use fleece under another jacket when the temperatures drop in to the low 40’s and 30’s. I would love to be able to have my knitting as part of my uniform. It does indeed get cold here .