A question about 'round things'

i want to make a purse, and the bottom is round or oval-like i thought i used circuar needles, but then how would the center go together?

and could i use circular needles to make the sides ofthe bag?

which pattern are you using?

its a lady that i know, her pattern. im just kind of doing what she said and what it looks like, because im a beginner and i cant really find a bag like the kind i want. its just sort of like a big bag.

Here are a bunch of bag patterns. I know there are a lot to go through, but maybe you can find something you like that has a pattern to go with it.

Many bags are knit flat on the bottom and then are knit in the round up the sides.

well i think you could do it one of two ways. (well or probably several but these are what i am thinking) either start knitting in the round and then when you get it to whatever size you want it to be start decreasing until you come down to just a few stitches, run a needle through and tie it off. you will essentially have a bucket bag. Otherwise you can knit it flat, say around 50 rows or whatever size you want it to be, and then pick up stitches all the way around and knit it in the round to whatever size you want it. then you will have a more flat bottom bag.

If youo want to knit in the round, then knit for as wide as you want for as long/big as you want then bind off. Then sew one edn shut. Then pinch the pointy ends and sew them perpandicular to the sides of the bag, then fold those little triangles to the bottom and voila you got a bag.

I don’t think I explained that very well. Click here:


then scroll down to “gusset diagram” and click that link. You will get a diagram of what I mean.

OOOooh someone else asked the same question in another forum and ingrid answered this way: