A question about ribbing

Hi…I am new to this site, but I really need some help. I am trying to do knitting in a 2x2 ribbing. When the pattern calls for turning my work and working the next row, do I look at the stich below to copy that or do I keep the pattern going (ex. knit 2, purl 2) even though that will now make it the opposite of the row before it? I know this is a silly question for most of you…but I am stuck. Thanks

If the row ends with a p2, you want to turn and start the next row with k2 p2 etc. You can just purl the purls and knit the knits.

I suggest you read the fabric. It will tell you if you want the purl bump or the knit V.

When knitting the reverse side of a knit is a purl and vice versa. When you turn your work and do the next row the stitches you knit you will now purl etc. Most k2,p2 ribs are done on a multiple of 4 stitches so you would k2,p2 on every row. Makes it a little simpler that way.

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K, when it comes to ribbing there is one simple little thing to remember… AS the work is FACING you (ready to knit, with stitches to be knitted on the LEFT needle), knit the knits (v’s) and purl the purls (bumps or upside down u’s). Don’t get all wigged out from what you did on the previous row, because once you’ve turned it, those stitches are now on their backsides, and you always do what is presented on the needle.
So, no worries!!! :thumbsup: Just knit the knits and purl the purls, back and forth or in the round, it doesn’t matter:knitting: . This works on any combination, whether it’s 1x1 or 1x3 or 4x4 or 72x56 :zombie:
Never worry about what you’ve already knitted unless told to do so in the pattern.:thumbsup:

Hope that helps ya hun:thumbsup: :x:

That’s not quite right, or maybe a typo… If you end a row with p2, you would start it with K2. But instead of trying to remember which is what, learn to recognize a purl st from a knit stitch. With ribbing you knit what the next st on your needle looks like, and don’t worry about what you knit the row before. That way, if you work over a stitch number that isn’t divisible by 4, you don’t need to remember if you have to start with a purl stitch or knit st, just whatever the stitch looks like on the row you’re doing.

typo!! serves me right for posting too late at night.