A question about repeating rows

I am a new, self-taught knitter and I am sure there must be a simple answer to this question. I have started a Robin Hunter pattern called The Evelyn Howard Scarf. The instructions say that when I have finished Chart 3 which has 10 rows and is an increase chart, I should repeat those rows until a little less than half of my yarn is used up. I have finished row 10 and am about to go back to row 1 to begin the repeat but I now have too many stitches on my needle to finish row 1 without having extra stitches. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

There should be a box in the chart over several sts which indicate those sts will be repeated. Do the sts before it, then work the ones inside the box until you have just enough sts to do the sts after it.

There is no box. That’s what’s got me completely confused. But I think you have given me an idea. Sometimes these patterns assume that the knitter knows what they are doing!:shrug: Thank you so much for responding so quickly!

Most charts do have a repeat box… Is this from a magazine or book, or did you purchase it to print out? If it’s printed take a look at the original to see if the heavier or colored lines didn’t print.

It looks like this scarf has a garter st middle with the lace on the edges. Seems like you want to expand the middle garter sts and keep the lace edge st pattern going on the next repeat of the chart.