A question about Needles

I was purchasing size 11 needles for a pattern, and I noticed that the Lion Brand needles were longer than Boye needles. Can someone please explain this? I bought the Boye needles and my stitches barely fit. It’s really bugging me.:help:

Straight needles come in a variety of lengths. Some people like to use the shorter ones for scarves. If you have trouble keeping all your stitches on the Boye needle, you might want to get a set of longer straight needles, or maybe a circular (you can knit back and forth on a circular). I like circulars because you can also use them for knitting in the round, and the weight of your knitting is balanced in the middle so it’s easier on your hands and wrists.

I knew I should have bought the longer ones! Thank you for clearing that up. :happydance:

I haven’t used straight needles for years for all the reasons Marria said.

If you have a circular, you can use it for straight or in the round, and you can have many, many stitches on a long one.

If you have a straight, well, you can only knit flat and your stitches may not fit or may weigh you down.