A question about knitpicks

I saw somewhere that you can get free shipping instead of paying for shipping. How long does it usually take to get the package?

i think we have all had different experiences. i have had it take forever…others have had their packages right away. i usually pay the extra bit over the free shipping to get 3 day select because i get irritated waiting. if you qualify for free shipping the extra is usually about $8 or so.

If you order something that is on back order, they wait for it, then mail everything. I ordered options needles and a back ordered item on the 25th. They shipped my order this morning. :cheering:

You get free shipping if you spend over $40. I’ve heard stories where it took a long time, but so far it hasn’t been too bad for me. Anytime you are waiting for something it seems to take forever…kind of like watching a pot boil! :lol: I just got a package from them today. I ordered on 6/23 and they shipped it on 6/27 and it arrived 7/1. I was kind of irritated that it took them 4 days to ship, but am impressed it got here so quickly. The prices make it worth it for me. :wink:

I’m going to make this bag!

I never received my first KP order; whether it had to do with the free shipping and the shipping method they use, I don’t know. Then they reshipped it, still with the free shipping, and it took two weeks. The next time I qualified for free shipping, I paid the extra for expedited shipping and the order came fairly quickly. I have mixed feelings about KP.

My orders have always come very quickly, whether I’ve paid for shipping or not. I always get the cheapest shipping if I have to pay…last Friday morning I ordered my Denises and they were here Tuesday morning. :happydance:

My orders have always been quick with KP. The Options set I just got I ordered on 06/24 and I got them on the 30th, even though they advised a 7-14 day wait…

I’ve never gotten anything more than the basic shipping option.

[color=blueviolet]My orders always come quick whether my orders qualify for free shipping or not. But if even if it did take a long time I would still order from them. Their prices are too good to pass up. I consider KP to be my LYS.[/color]

I placed an order on 6/23, they shipped it out on 6/26, but still I have not received it yet. Hopefully tomorrow…

Same here skNYC-- I live in WV, and I took the Denise needle and knitpicks yarn plunge on the 23rd and have not yet received the package…


I ordered my Boye set on the 27th and have tracking it everyday it just made it to my local post office and I probably still won’t get it untill Wednesday!!!

I’ve waited between 1-2 weeks with free shipping. However, this is no worse or better than waiting for, say a QVC order or an Amazon order. Actually, I think Amazon is slower when you qualify for free shipping.

I am very very pleased with their products, though. And I know there are lots of holidays kicking around right now, too.

You can track your order, so you know exactly where it is.

Lynda M

i did get my Denises quicker than i anticipated but i wasn’t expecting them very quickly either so that probably helped…lol.

i agree about Amazon’s super saver shipping…i am pretty sure those packages are required to take the trip around the sun first! and qvc does everything they can to irritate me by asking UPS for the tracking number about a week before they ACTUALLY ship it but call it shipped anyway…grrrrr…i don’t care if it is another week before they ship it (well i do because i am impatient but…) just don’t tell me you have shipped it when you haven’t…i can tell the difference on the UPS site…hmph!


The way they do shipping makes the tracking useless. I tracked my first package all the way to my post office, but my post office never actually received it. Apparently companies ship in bulk, and each crate or whatever of packages has a tracking number, not the individual packages. So what you’re actually tracking is the group of packages yours is supposed to be in, not your package itself. (The helpdesk person at the post office had to explain all of this to me when my first order disappeared.) When the system works, your package is in its proper group and all is well. When it doesn’t work, finding an individual package is almost impossible.

My package had this tracking on their site… Is this the way you were tracking?

Something like that, yes–it had the individual stops and everything.

i am pretty sure “sortation” is a made up word! :wink: :rofling:

I’m still waiting, a week and a half later. But I had to pay for my shipping, since my total was $39.99 and not $40. :rollseyes:

Hmm, it claims to have been delivered yesterday. :thinking:

I would’ve ordered a color card, I think they are under $2.

I’m in CA and usually have to wait about a week to get stuff from the.