A question about cost

I am about to sell my first pattern and I wanted some real knitters feedback!

What would you think if the price of a pattern was printed on it? I’ve noticed most patterns don’t have the price on them, instead it’s a sticker placed by the LYS. Books and magazines have the suggested retail price printed on them. I think it lets the buyer know what the original creator intended and also lets you know if your getting it on sale or if someone has marked it up in price.

I’ve been told that yarn stores might not like this as it “locks” the price in but I don’t think it does, they are still free to mark it up or down as they choose, I could only imagine book sellers put the price on there for some good reason, otherwise it’s a waste of ink isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal to set a retail price. You can set a wholesale price and have a “suggested retail” price but then the retailer is either locked into that price or has to sell it below that price. It’s also not really any of your concern what they sell it for. You get your money from them when they buy it from you. Unless you are doing this on consignment then you get the money when they sell it. Some markets can sell a pattern for more and some less. It depends on what the overhead of the shop is. What I do with my jewelry is I suggest a retail price on my invoice to the vendor and they can choose to sell it at that price or not.

Good luck! Congrats on selling a pattern!

I am looking for a response from customers, not what a yarn shop would think, but I do appreciate the feedback! I can’t at all think it would be illegal for me to print a suggested retail price on my pattern, as people do it on books all the time and it appears to be an industry standard. I’m not asking if I should do it, but asking if a normal consumer would be bothered by it.

I don’t know…I don’t think it’s necessary and I don’t think I’d like it. It kind of cheapens it or something. I think I’d have a tendency to want to cut that part off or something if it was possible. :shrug:

However, I think part of it depends on where you are selling them. If you are selling on the internet or if you personally are with them when they are being sold then I don’t think they need it. If you have someone else doing the selling… like at a swap meet or something then maybe it makes more sense.

Just my 2[SIZE=5][SIZE=2]¢ :wink: [/SIZE][/SIZE]

I don’t think I’d pay any attention to a suggested retail price. My concern would be what would the pattern cost when I go to buy it. Suggested retail has been so overused to make customers think they are getting a bargain that I’m not sure many people pay attention. Just my opinion.

But, if your intention is to wholesale to the LYS’s then it may pay to keep their opinion in mind.

Hi ,
As a buyer of many patterns . It would not bother me at all. I have patterns that have the price on them from many years ago and it is quite interesting to see how much the pricing has gone up for individual patterns.
I think it would be ok . But maybe the stores you might supply can have some without a price printed on them if it bothers them.

Congratualtions with the baby and welcome back :slight_smile:

I have just had a look on your blog and can i just say your pattern i s lovely and your daughter is beautiful :slight_smile:

ritaw my thinking exactly, its super easy to remove the price for the printed versions. I am curious how many people truly think its not big deal, and how many are bothered by it.

Thanks for the compliment on my little girl :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, you’re right, as a buyer I wouldn’t care if the price was printed on the pattern or not. I have just worked on the other end of things for so long it’s hard to think from the buyers point of view and not the store owner’s!

Your Daughter is adorable and so is the pattern! I’m sure you will sell a bunch of them!

hartley i have no idea at all if i even will include the price, it was really more curiosity for me as i was wondering why they don’t when so many other magazines and books do!

I wouldn’t care unless the printed retail price was less than the store was charging. Then I would feel taken advantage of and not buy it. And if the store charged a lower price, I would feel like I got a deal.

I can tell you in the world of counted cross stitch, for each pattern that has a price printed on it there are as many that don’t, and that also goes for with the same designer. One in particuilar, Prairie Schooler, the earlier years have prices printed on, the more recent years do not. No idea why they would have switched.

If i see the LYS pattern price is higher, I’ll also factor in the cost of shipping (if on-line) and figure out if it is still cheaper. If I am actually in the store and the price is higher, I’ll think hard before buying it as I know I’d be able to find it cheaper somewhere.