A Qestion for Lace Knitters

Recently I found a pattern I want to knit for my daughter-in-law . I bought the yarn from KnitPicks and it is called Gloss Lace70% Merino wool, 30% silk in the color Mermaid. It says it has 440 yards in it. I bought 3 hanks of the yarn. The pattern is from Karabella Yarns and is the Boise Lace Wrap. It calls for 6 balls of the yarn recommended which I think equals 978 yards when I multiplied the number of balls by the yard listed for 1 ball. Am I correct in thinking 3 hanks is going to be enough?

Are you going to double the lace weight yarn, or adjust the pattern? That’s a lot thinner than the original DK yarn, so while you’ll probably have enough to knit it single stranded, it may be narrower unless you use more sts. If you double strand it, it’ll be a little thicker, but you probably won’t have quite enough.

I may change the pattern until I get the original yarn for it.

Then it should work. Add however many pattern repeats to the cast on you need for the width you want, and knit till it’s the length you want, or you run out of yarn. I think with 1300+ yds, you should be able to get about the same length as the original. You would probably want to use size 3 or 4 needles, depends how you like the fabric that’s knitted with them.