A Q: about blocking~

I have a limited knowledge r/t blocking. my question is after you block your garment and you decide to wash it… will it return to its preblocked size. I have several items i have made in cotton (althought i know wool/ alpaca/ and others are more common) and I am wondering when I hand wash them … will they return to their original size? I also have used some cotton tots ( and blocked some bblankets) and I am wondering … when they are washed in the machine/dryer ( b/c the label says its ok to do so)… are they gonna go back to their original size…?:think:
thanks to all that can help:heart:

in my limited experience… cotton stretches when you use it. (like a cotton sweater can get baggy. washing it will help it go back to its origianl size. (or shrink it if you use too hot water and hot dry)

if it is something that needs to be shaped (like a sweater)- I dry it flat. (sorta like re-blocking it)

Dishcloths go in the dryer here just fine. I don’t generally machine dry my “nice” stuff- just hangers, flat drying, depending on what it is.


what are cotton tots?

Cotton Tots is Bernat’s cotton baby yarn.

With cotton the rule is to dry flat, so it won’t stretch. With wool and other animal fibers, you should also dry flat, but for other reasons, so you don’t stretch the fibers.

After the first blocking, you don’t need to use pins/blocking boards. With animal fibers, don’t swish it around too much in the water, you’ll make it prone to felting.

thanks guys~!:hug: