A project for artlady!

I saw this coat, fell in love with it and IMMEDIATELY thought, the only person I know with enough guts to tackle this is ARTLADY!

I thought the very same thing when I saw that coat! I absolutely love it. Now, let’s see :think: … if I start right after Christmas, I should have it done by next Christmas. How fast do think ArtLady could have it done?

FO posted by Monday!! :wink:

:lol: And there are 67 projects on Rav although only 3 finished.

I love that coat. thanks for the link

Very nice! Yes it’s definitely has ArtLady written all over it :slight_smile:

What a gorgeous coat! And I agree that I can totally see Artlady doing this coat splendidly as always :slight_smile:

You are TOO SWEET!!! I love:heart: love :heart:love this coat!

Oh my oh my! :doh:
What have you gotten me into? :woot:

I saved the link, and I’m on my way over to Rav to see the other projects that Jan mentioned, and see what folks say about it.
It looks like the vines are knitted in using cables, but I bet the flowers are knit separately and tacked down. At least I hope so.:thumbsup:

Thanks again! I feel like I have a reputation around here, huh? :wink:

WOW! That’s awesome!:woot:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You GO GIRL!!!

We’ll be your cheering squad!!!

I wish I had the nerve to suggest a knit along but…

I think a KAL would be great Ginny, but . … uh . . . I know it would take me forever and a day to be anywhere near done with something like this.

Well, I went on over and investigated the pattern. I had added the pattern to MY SHOPPING CART…and then it dawned on me

The model is prolly 5’7" or taller…the design work on the back of the coat is set for a certain length…I am only 5’0" tall…I may not be able to shorten this coat for my short self.

I’ll have to think about this dilemma.

I’m going to study that vine and leaf work (there are some great photos of it) and ascertain if there seems to be any point at which I can shorten the design pattern…maybe leave out a repeat…something like that…and thereby being able to shorten the length of the coat from the bottom edge to the armhole shaping.

BUT my o my…this pattern is just begging to come home to my house!!!


maybe you have a friend who is tall that you could make it for?
just a thought…

This coat would be easy. The FRONTS and SLEEVES are just double moss stitch, I think. Boring, but do-able.

The SLEEVES are knit in the round, prolly picked up at the armholes and knit down to the cuff. That will be nice for me, with my short arms I can try on the coat before binding off the cuffs!

It is the BACK that will be fun to knit. It is only simple cabling that meanders all over the place that creates the vines.

Those leaves are easy. I think they are also “knitted in” at the end of the “vines”. I think the bobbles are worked at the tail ends of other “vines”.

I’m fairly certain that those flower petals are knit individually (like I did for my cream tweed MELISSA jacket recently posted) and then tacked onto the ends of the vines later.

This isn’t a difficult coat, but that depends on the designer’s ability to communicate effectively.

Elsebeth Lavold, the Swedish designer that I adore, can drive me nuts with her terminology. It’s the translation from Swedish to English that is a killer. Ack. The easiest appearing design can be mind-boggling, and sometimes the most complicated designs are easiest. :eyes:

I’m 99% certain that the pattern design for the BACK will be worked from a chart (relief!). Charts are usually much easier than play-by-play, written-out, wordy instructions.

Anyways, someone was wondering how long this coat would take me to knit. Well, from “cast on” to “put it on and walk out the door”…I’d say 2 weeks…3 weeks tops. That is because the entire coat is 12st=4" (bulky yarn)…and the only ‘work’ is the BACK. And giving a few days for blocking and seaming…that’s 2 weeks…but I’ll even add 1 week “in case”.
Bulky yarn projects really travel [I]FAST[/I] from bottom edge to bind off at shoulders! Every row gets you somewhere!!

If I can figure out a way to modify the length of this coat for my short self…I would love to host a KNITALONG for it. Fun!

It is hard to find a good color in the signature yarn, Briggs & Little “Atlantic”. But WEBS has Brown Sheep Bulky that’s the exact gauge.

And some of us might have forgotten what’s locked up in YARN JAIL! I’ll definitely look in and see if I can’t ‘parole’ some yarn!

The coat has some roomier sizes for us plumper ladies, too! :thumbsup:

Well at THIS WEBSITE the Briggs & Little “Atlantic” bulky yarn (136 yds per skein) is $5.50 CAD. I think CAD means Canadian.

The size 47" coat takes 14 skeins (1904 yds)…so the cost would be $77 CAD…which I don’t know how much in US dollars. Do you?

Anyhoo…the coat takes anywhere from 1,632-1,904 yds of bulky weight yarn. Not bad.

Well, ok … If you host a KAL ,Artlady, then I am in. After my Christmas knitting gets all finished up, of course. Actually, before I commit, I better go check out on Rav people’s yarn choices and see how much this is going to set me back.

It would be $61.24. I really want to make it too but dont know if im expierenced enough… artlady I think its time for a knit-along (after christmas of course :D)

I think I would be up for a KAL if its hosted too. But I wouldn’t be able to start until after all the X-mas knitting is done and a few baby obligations I have before February. Plus I have to be able to afford all that yarn. I was thinking about my DD when I saw this jacket, but she is on the short side as well - I’m 5’9", my DS is 6’0", but she took after the girls in her dad’s side of the family and stopped at 5’3 1/2". Long coats don’t usually look that good on her - they look too bulky and like she’s wearing her big brothers clothes or something :roflhard: So I would be interested to find out what you learn about shortening the coat Artlady. If not, I suppose I could probably just make it for myself :wink:

:passedout: You will have me beat by many weeks!!

I saw that some people made the coat out of Bulky Cascade. The number escapes me… 109, I think. Anyway, Webs has it on clearance for 3.99 a hank.
The actual yarn the pattern calls for is from Canada. I couldn’t find a place to buy it here.