A problem

I’m trying to knit these…


but I’ve never knit with three needles in a triangle (I don’t know what any special terms for it would be) and I’m doing the stockinette stitch…but, I don’t know how to tell where the “row” ends when going back and forth between knitting one row and purling the other…help? I’m not sure how to tell where to stop knitting and where to begin purling…am I making sense???

I think i am confused by your question. Are you saying this is the first time you have knit in the round? If it is, go here and check out Amy’s video on small diameter knitting.

If not, can you tell me more of what is happening?

I’m talking about knitting on double pointed needles…like, i don’t know how to tell when I’ve completed a knit row and need to go onto a purl row…and vice versa…I’ve watched the video…but she does a different stitch than what I’m talking about…

Okay but for those gloves you are knitting in the round so you don’t need to do any purling at all…just keep knitting around in “circles” to create the stockinette.

though i guess for the cuffs, when you get there, you have to knit 1 purl 1 etc to create the ribbing.

When you work with 3 needles in a triangle, you are knitting ‘in the round’, like brendajos said. The thing that is different with knitting in the round is that EVERY row is like a right side row. You are almost always working only on the outside (the side that will be seen) of the item. So for that reason, stockinette stitch in the round is different than stockinette stitch knitted flat. When working in the round, knitting every stitch of every round will produce stockinette stitch. You will do no purling at all.

It would be helpful to place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round, just so you always know where it is for future directions.

Thanks you both SO much! I totally understand now… :oops: silly me! I’m so excited to knit it now!! Thanks again!! :muah:

Enjoy them! They are one of my favorite patterns…i have yarn to make more, i just don’t feel like winding it. :teehee: