A present for my mama

I took some pictures with my DD modeling the purse and scarf that I knitted for my mom’s b-day. The scarf is just a plain garter stitch with a kilt pin that I embellished with some beads. The purse is the Ms. Poppins’ Bag off of interweaveknits.com. Here is the link:

The scarf was my very first project ever knitted and the purse I just did recently to match, since I had some leftover yarn in the same color. My mom will be pleasantly surprized I’m sure, because she helped pick out the yarn with me when I went to the YLS for the first time. She really loved the color. -Ve

I pressed submit before attaching the pics…

The scarf and bag are great. I’m sure your mom will be thrilled. Your model is fabulous!

Great job! Very unique and striking color.


What great bag and scarf! I love the color. Your dd is too cute! :cheering:

They are beautiful!!! I’m sure she’ll love both! (PS - your daughter is a jewel too!)

Wow! Great bag! And the matching scarf, too. Love the color, and the beaded pin is a nice touch. Your mom’s going to love them.

They are gorgeous - I love the bag!!! Lucky Mum! And the model looks very professional :wink:

They look great. She will love them.

Your mom will love them and your dd is so tres chic!

How lovely. I am sure your mom will love them :slight_smile:

Looks great, and your daughter is QUITE the model :cheering:

I love them :slight_smile: I think they came out nicer than the ones in the magazine, they should have used yours!

I know your mama is going to love her presents. And your model is so pretty you should frame a picture of her modeling and include that! :heart:

Those are awesome!! Great Job!!


I LOVE the yarn…I want it. The bag and scarf are so lovely…and the other posters are right…your dd is so chic! She must have been watching America’s Next Top Model.


LOL. The pictures had to actually be a little edited, because she was not wanting to model for me. :slight_smile: In the full length one I took out her frown lines, but once she sees the pics of herself she likes them. She just gets embarrassed while modeling for them. -Ve

What a great gift! Your mom will be so happy to receive the very first thing you made (we moms collect firsts) and this wonderful purse. I love the purse. The handles you chose go very well with the feeling of the yarn.

Your DD looks like she was enjoying being a Vogue model. Lol It’s amazing how little girls know how to do the moves. It’s like second nature to them.

:happydance: Great job!! Your daughter is adorable!!