A possibly stupid sock question

Do you knit both socks the same, or is there a left and a right sock?

They are knit the same.

There is no such thing as a “stupid” question!:slight_smile:

[I]especially[/I] when it comes to socks! :wink:

i actually saw a pattern for left and right socks, but of course now i don’t remember where it was. i’ll see if i can find it. i’m 99% sure it was online. wow. i’m really helpful. :roflhard:

Hand-knit ones, not usually unless they’re toe socks.

While working on a pair of cabled socks, I wondered the same thing. I never finished the first sock (I was laddering something awful), so I never had to decide whether to reverse the cable on the other sock.

Well even if you knit the same, once you have worn them they stretch a bit so in future you could look to see which one is which.
I actually knit my socks asymmetrically sometimes. My feet are different from each other, my shoes are as well, the inside of the foot is different from the outside, why would I put different feet into symmetrical and identical socks?
Google ‘anatomically correct sock toes’ I think you will find a nice blog post on it. Can be done toe up also. If you haven’t seen sock toes like that before though they may look a bit odd.

I knit them the same. I think they wear better that way because they are worn on both feet.

As far as colors go… I knit them as they come so they actually are the same colors, but they fall at different places… I call them fraternal socks. :wink:

thanks so much guys! :muah:

That’s a good point about wear Jan. Can’t alternate feet if you knit differently for each foot.