A Pleasant Morning Sight

When I walked outside this morning I was pleasantly greeted by this:

I guess it bloomed over night.

LOL I just realized that I spelled it ‘site’ instead of ‘sight’. Spending too much time on the Linux forums.

Its beautiful! Is it some type of lily? Living in NM we can’t always grow such exotic looking flowers. The ferns are gorgeous! I have tried to grow them in the house, but they never look that good.

That’s lovely.

However, at first glance, it reminds of a monster from a 1950’s really bad black and white sci-fi movie-:teehee:

Yep, I watched way too much t.v. as a kid. :roflhard:

It’s some variety of lily although I don’t know exactly which.

Yeah, it does sort of look like a tentacled monster LOL

How pretty! Kind of reminiscent of the Ghost Orchid.

That is a very pretty lilly! I wonder what it is?


Very cool!
I might add I admire your appreciation for such things KG. I see some fauna out my bathroom window that makes me smile…baby bunnies…pink sunrise, etc. Makes me thankful for eyes and ears!
Thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:

I looked at some images and it looks like a [I]Hymenocallis palmeri
also know as a spider lily, swamp lily and alligator lily.
What ever it is its beautiful.

Swamp lily! That’s it! Thanks, I couldn’t remember the name.

I’ve been an outdoorsman all of my life. I have a great appreciation for nature and all it’s wonders. I’ve been known to just sit in the woods or a swamp for hours just looking and listening.

That is the funkiest lily I’ve ever seen, very cool Mason!

Isn’t that fun? I love to sit on my inlaws porch at the lake and just hear the birds and trees…or on the dock and listen to the water rippling and the occasional loon calling.
Once, on a walk near our house (there’s a river a couple blocks away with a golf course next to it), I saw a doe and fawn on the water’s edge just before sunset. It was just a few weeks after my dad had passed away and I chalked it up to him saying “howdy” at that moment.
sometimes i think, “oh, i wish i had the camera” but then I think, “nah, i’ll just appreciate it for the moment that it is and be grateful.”

That is beautiful. I’ve never seen one of those. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

I have never seen those either. Very different and quite beautiful.

Kinda like my grandmas garden…she is funny…she will plant stuff and have no idea what it is, and it won’t grow for a few years, then all of a sudden out of the blue, some wonderful flower or bush pops up!

After some checking I have found that the correct name of it is a Swamp Spider Lily. Seems appropriate to me.

It’s beautiful… I can’t imagine sitting in a swamp… leeches.:help: … I always associate swamps with leeches since I saw that movie “Stand By Me”…


You can have leeches in any body of water.

Biggest thing to worry about in a swamp is mosquitoes. I always wear repellent even though skeeters tend to not like me much anyway.

Very pretty, thanks for sharing…my dad is that way he heads up in the mountains (WV) and will be gone for hours…he just sits up there and watches (he can’t hear anything 'cause from the mines he has lost most of his hearing and he won’t wear his hearing aids at all) :teehee:

I was slightly scared at first glance TRIFFID - oh no harmless nice flower