A plea for help - Circular Knitting Sleeve Pattern

I’m currently knitting a yoked sweater for my 2 year old, and have moved on to the sleeve.
There are a few things I am not sure about and would really appreciate some help if possible!

  1. ‘Count from centre of sleeve where to start pattern’. I can see on the pattern the marker for the centre of sleeve - do I start there at the beginning of the round, or aim for that to hit the centre of my sleeve? Hope this makes sense…

  2. It says, after the patterned part, to continue in plain colour. The next sentence is ‘the first stitch is the marker stitch and it is always purled’.
    The sleeve is in st stitch, so should I have purled that marker stitch from the beginning? And what is the purpose of that? Just like to know why I do something!

Hope this makes sense, and I’d appreciate any little help thanks :slight_smile:


Could you provide us with a name or link to the pattern? This will help us to help you with your issue. Thanks


Sounds like you should aim at the beginning of round to hit the center stitch (on a chart?) at the center stitch on the sleeve. Count backwards to the beginning of your stitches so that you know where to start the pattern.

Hard to say about your second question. See if there are earlier directions about the marker stitch and how to work it. If it’s the middle of the underarm and you’re knitting the sleeve in the round, it may be there to create a false seam.

Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern? That may help.