A pillow for a man named Josh

I am totally gettting a head start on my Chrismas knitting. I have a brother-in-law whose name is Josh. He is a complicated person to knit for because his interests are so varried. I called my step sister up the other day and she gave me the idea of knitting him a guitar pillow. After searching for a guitar chart and having no luck I decided to use my computer knowledge. I did a search for guitar pixel art and found out that pixel art is done like a chart. Woah … and I was able to use that to my advantage hehe. Hope he likes it !!

That is awesome! I am duly impressed!

That is so awesome! Did you use intarsia or duplicate stitch? Dontcha wish Christmas was sooner so you could give it to him? :wink:

I did intarsia cuz I’m not brave enough to do duplicate stitch yet !! LOL Plus dealing with like 5 colors was a mess !!! I can’t tell you how many times I had to redo his name !! Doh ! I forgot to stop the hook on the J. Doh ! I for got to stop the curve on the S. Doh! I forgot to make that part white lol… And on and on :doh: But I think it turned out good enough. Yeah now I am dying for him to see it but I have to keep it hidden until then. That’s why I posted it here hehe :lol: You guys can see my little secrets before anyone else can :lol:

:smiley: Very cool :sunglasses:

:cheering: Excellent!!!

Great idea to start early! It looks fabulous!

Great job! :thumbsup:

Very very good! I’ve never tried intarsia but want too…my plan is to figure it out before Christmas so I can use it to do some gifts…any suggestions on resources to learn?

I really do like that pillow!

This is the website Ingrid showed me a while back…


For me, instead of using bobbins I use clothespins. I saw that on a website somewhere but I can’t remember where it was. I just think they handle better.

Hope that helps you out !

I’m not perfect at it, but when it is in a pillow it totally doesn’t matter hehe !

Now that is one cool pillow!

Wow! That looks great - I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!!

Great job! :thumbsup:

I love it! That’s too cute. :heart: