A Pattern?

I need a pattern for a men’s cowl, my husband bought me size 8 (5mm) circlers and two small balls of 50g Worsted Acrylic yarn, and wants me to make him one.
I have no idea if this would even be enough yarn or not.

I’m new to knitting, So I am slowly learning how.

Any help would be appreciated!

If you do an advanced search on Ravelry (free to join), you’ll come up wth several. You can specify yarn weight, needle size, and yardage just to make sure the pattern will work for you.

If you can tell us the yarn weight and how much yardage it would help. The gram weight isn’t usually a useful measure since different yarn weights can be different yardages for the same number of grams.

That should be plenty of yarn, you might even be able to get a hat and cowl out of it, depending how big he wants it. PRobably wants something like a neckwarmer which would be about 22-24" around, just enough to go over his head but fit snug around his neck. So cast on about 20 sts and work a couple inches, see how many sts per inch you get, then multiply that times 23 and cast on that many sts. For a stitch pattern you can do about 4 rounds in garter, then stockinette and finish with 4 rounds of garter, or use another pattern. You can probably find a lot of plainer cowl patterns (no lace or long ones) at www.knittingpatterncentral.com or www.dailyknitter.com. Knitty.com has some that could be used for a man, so does lion.com

Thanks salmonmac I’ll do that.

I thought he had bought me the yarn, he had bought me the needles and had stopped at a friends place on the way home and his buddies wife gave him the yarn …BAH ! and really old yarn from what I can gather off the internet, it is Eaton Lady Fair Sayelle Knitting Worsted 50g Dupont Orlon Acrylic, I thought it was new because it still has original wrapper.

It says tension 5 sts 6 1/2 rows = 1 inch
on # 4.50mm (7) Needle

Jan I have no idea what yarn weight means?

No idea if that helps, I told him no more accepting yarn from anyone,have enough fun trying to learn how to knit never mind trying to figure what the yarn is!

Thanks suzeeq I wrote that down do I wouldnt forget and try that in a bit.

Yarn weight means whether is worsted, DK, sport, fingering or lace. Based on the gauge you gave your yarn is a worsted weight.

Yarn weight is the thickness, not the weight of the skein. Yours is a worsted or medium weight yarn.

Oh okay thanks for the help! I am going to assume the yardage is about 110 since thats what it says on a ball of one website I found some info on it. Is that enough to make a cowl? I have two balls of it so that should be fine for most right?

Yep, that’ll give you over 200 yards, so it should be enough.

Awesome thanks Suzeeq
Much appreciated!