A Pattern Question

I’m a bit confused. Row 2 of the pattern I’m looking at is as follows:
Sl1, K1, P2 (K2, P2) to the end of the row.
Does this mean to repeat just from what is in the parentheses, or is it
from the beginning of the row? There are no *'s.
A newbie thanks you for your help. :knitting:

I would assume that it means to repeat just what’s in the parentheses to the end of the row. That’s how I write my patterns, anyway. What pattern are you doing?

Some pattern developers use the parentheses instead of asterisks. Yes you repeat the part in parentheses to the end of the row according to what you’ve written.

Thank you so much. I’m so used to seeing patterns with *'s as well as parentheses that I got a little confused.
I found this scarf pattern, written on a scrap piece of paper. There is no picture, no name for it, and I don’t know where I copied it from. (: Once I get the pattern started I’ll let you know more about it. Thanks again for your help!