A pat on my own back

So I took this little one credit course at my University, thinking it would be an easy A. It only met twice (two full days), and the only assignment was a paper. The class was called “Sex and Public Policy,” so there was a lot of legal stuff involved. Until now I’ve never read anything even remotely resembling a court case.

This paper had to be on a topic somehow relating to law and the regulation of sexual behavior. This was intimidating enough on its own, without throwing into the equation that the woman who taught the class is a law professor and the former director for the Indiana Civil Liberties Union. I’m a Human Resources major. Talk about stepping outside of my comfort zone!

I wrote my paper on how the law defines (or doesn’t define) “male” and “female” and how this affects the transgender population. I emailed it to her today, and this was her response: “[FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]Meghann–This was just an excellent paper. May I have your permission to share it with a friend who lobbies on gay, lesbian and transgender issues?”


I hope that means I got an A. :teehee:

That is so awesome! :cheering:

Good Job. Very well done. Be proud of yourself, and give yourself a treat. I hope I do that well in school.

:cheering: That’s a fascinating subject, Meghann!

:happydance: Great job…

Wow…good for you! Are you studying public policy? My daughter just got her MPP.

That’s fantastic!! Congrats!! :cheering:

I think you’ve earned some reward yarn…:rofl:

WOW!!! Way to go!

Very cool. You chose a tricky topic as the whole trangender/crossdresser thing is a vast gray area of law.

I know of one trucker who is a crossdresser (don’t know him personally but have seen him) and he was fired from his job because of it. A suit ensued and I understand that he won the suit as it was determined that it didn’t directly affect his ability to do his job.

Takes all kinds I guess.

Congrats on tackling such a difficult topic successfully.

that is so amazingly cool
When I lived in Philly I was active in the GLBTQTI community, its interesting to learn the differences and subtle (at times) nuances of the distinctions. I learned that one of my Fathers very good friends is a cross dresser, and my father even knew the difference between a cross dresser and a transgender, and a drag queen. I would love to read your paper after you teacher is done with it (and you have gotten all your credit for your brilliance)


Yay you! Not just getting great marks but also doing something that could actively help a lot people :yay:

That’s just great! Getting a praise from a professor can be a very hard thing. Especially when your paper deals with such important, yet sensitive topic.