A Pair of Socks A Month KAL

Hi! I am new to knit-alongs, but I thought that it would be cool to try and knit a pair of socks a month. If you are feeling more confident and have a ton of time on your hands, 2 pairs a month. I just wanted to let out the idea. :aww: We can post pix and everything…:muah:

This is actually one of my goals for this year so I will join you. My first pair for January were the Monkey Socks.

my first pair EVER for January was a simple pair on 4 dpn’s. take a look.
they dont match, but hey. theyre still socks, right? right now i am working on some simple pedicure socks from knitty.com. :woot:

oh, BTW, those monkey socks are great! will you make me a pair? :roflhard:

Those are cute! I’m going to make another pair of Monkey’s sometime but the no purl ones…I like those better. Yikes! It’s already February 16…I better get busy on another pair of socks!!

im working on another simple pair of pedicure socks. i will post pics soon when i am done.

this is a really great idea gym, i may join you but you will have to forgive me if i can’t quite manage a pair every month, things tend to get a little hectic from around now until june when the exams are over. Then i get a few months to relax a bit until I start my final year of Univerisity in October - scary! I will do what i can though, some months may have to be baby/toddler socks. Gives me a good excuse to actually go and buy one of the sock books people suggested to me!!!

Have you guys checked out the any sock KAL already going on?

This is a great way to work up a gift stash.
Lets see - 7 neices and nephews, 1 child, 1 husband, 2 parent sets, 4 sibling/spouse sets. I count 21 people not including a pair or two for me. 2 pair a month?
I can do it - really. :roflhard:

1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 pairs. its all the same to me.

i am still doing simple socks, so here i have some basic longer-cuffed/ribbed top socks. the ends are not weaved in yet, but they will be before march. i am not intelligent enough to follow a really cool pattern ( :pout: ) but i will be into that in no time. please forgive me because i am working on a sweater at the same time. i want to try knee highs for may, my b day month… :cheering:

I have updated my blog (linked in sig.) to include a pic of my first ever (almost finished) pair of socks, just in case you want to look. Am hoping to finish them tonight.

Nice work gymnast!

Thank you!!