A pair of gloves for a boy and girl

I am knitting a pair of gloves for a brother and sister that come through my crossing. I have never had any trouble from them, they are very respectful to me and use manners which is a rarity now days. So I like to reward them with a small gift made especially for them. I am using Knit Picks stroll in the colors Blue violet and Pucker. The Pucker is a Hot Pink. She wears a lot of pink in her clothing choices. When I have both pairs finished I will post a picture of them.

Aren’t you sweet! What a great way to reward them!:yay:

Looking forward to seeing them. That’s very kind of you.

I had finished on glove and was on the third finger when I ran out of yarn.I do not have another ball of it to finish it. So I am going to make another color for the boy.

here are the gloves for the brother and sister.

You’ve done it again. They’re perfect! Great colors and lovely work, Daylily.

Super cute! I think I would have made mittens! :teehee: