A noob sharing a f.o blanket

:waving: Hi, I just joined this forum today and have been knitting ever since Jan 2007 and now I am hooked :woohoo: . I am a complete noob still getting the hang of knitting. I just wanted to share a pic of one of the projects I am working on for my nephew, a baby blanket. I incorporated seed stitch and lacy chevron and used Caron Simply Soft to knit it xxx , with size 10 needles. Thank you for looking.

Wow! That’s pretty impressive (for a newbie or non-newbie). :cheering:

Very nice! It’s hard to believe you are new to knitting! :cheering:

:oops: Thank you sooo much for the kind words Rorygilmore and Jillle.

That is truly beautiful!


My first projects did NOT look that pretty!!!


[color=indigo]What an impressive first project! I are impressed, chere! :passedout:

How long did it take you to complete? Size?


landolphe[/color] :cheering:

Thank you auburnchick, Jan in Ca and landolphe for your kind words :oops: .
Oh and landolphe it took me about 2 weeks to finish the blanket (long sleepless nights) and the measurements are 37" across and 40" down. lol I would’ve made it even bigger if my bf didn’t stop to remind me that it was for a 1y/o. :rofl:

Very nice! Impressive for a “noob”, and fast too!

Nice to see another New Yorker too - which part are you in?

impressive and beautiful! a gift to cherish…

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: That is beautiful!!! :inlove: You are truly talented. :notworthy: :notworthy:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I have to agree with everyone else. My newbie projects included a scarf and a scarf and a scarf and a scarf. :wink: Your blanket is beautiful.

It’s fabulous! I’m impressed.

:oops: :hug: Thank you Susan, Ronda, Nadja, Mary and Cindy for all the kind words…
Btw, Cindy I live in Queens, NY about 15 mins away from Manhattan. :smiley:

Wow~! :thud:

What a great 1st project…or any project~! :oops:

First Project??? Mine was a garter scarf! The blanket looks great, I really like that sitch.

Thank you Ainee and Contiknitter :oops: .

It’s lovely!

You must be a Continental knitter because of that seed st. It’s a right pain for throwers like me.


Way better than my bubble gum pink sofy eyelash/fun-fur type scarf
your amazing
good job

welcome to the knitting help family

:hug: Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and kind messages.