A non-knitting FO

I just had to share this FO of mine even though it isn’t knitting related!

A friend asked me to make her wedding invitations and I just finished them tonight. Talk about pressure! I told my mom if she ever hears me offer to do this again to shoot me! They weren’t hard to make or anything, it’s just the worry that she won’t be 100% happy with them. :pray:

These open up with her info on the inside like a normal invitation, but there’s also a pocket to hold the itinerary and maps for the weekend. They are only inviting immediate family to spend a wedding weekend at a mountain resort here in NC. (Lake Lure, where they filmed Dirty Dancing for you trivia nuts!)

Anyway, I’m so excited that they are finally done that I had to share! DH is tired of me stressing about this, so he’s pretty happy too! :lol:

And I’m doubly happy that now I can get back to my knitting! I grounded myself from all knitting projects until I finished these. Now where are those needles?

Those are BEEAUTIFUL!!! Did you stamp them?

Very very nice. She should love 'em. :thumbsup:

those r beautiful…and u r a great friend!!

They are gorgeous! Well done, you must be so proud of yourself!


These are one of the most beautiful invitations I’ve seen so far!
Well done :thumbsup:

Ya’ll are so sweet! It’s such a relief to have them done.

Kelly, yes I did stamp them. Then the flower and bee are watercolored. I don’t think you can tell, but the bee also has glitter on it. Everything is better with a little glitter! :smiley:

Seenow it’s these kinds of things I feel get so under-rated. You know when people can keep pictures and invitations and other doodads together then it’s like a historical document. SOmeday, 100 years from now this will greatly benefit the next generations to connect to the past. I mean I wish I had something like this from my grandparents and thier parents. But these kinds of things are not taken seriously so our histories of these kinds of events are lost. SO I appluad you not only form making something nice but making something that can be a part of hisotry.

Wow that was kinda preechy. Sorry for hijacking

No don’t worry about it! I love to hear from everyone! It’s great comments like that that let us get to know more about each other. :slight_smile:

Your comment had me thinking of the present my brother gave me as a wedding gift. When my grandmother died and we went through her belongings, he found the wedding invitations for my mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother. He saved them all and for my wedding present he had them all framed together with one of my invitations. It’s one of my most prized possessions and hanging in a place of honor in my house.

My grandmother is the one that taught me to knit, and I am also a librarian like she was. I miss her terribly and I always feel close to her when I see the invitations.

benniesma, That is a wonderful story about the wedding invitations.

Your invitations are absolutely beautiful. My Aunt does alot of stamping and other things. She always makes me a hand made card for my birthday (and others b-days) and also makes ALL of her Christmas cards by hand. They are always so beautiful and it’s so nice to receive a keepsake like that.

That makes me wanna CRY. What a thoughtful brother you have!!!

Benniesma, those are BEAUTIFUL!! Wow, how absolutely wonderful and special!

I :heart: love the story of your framed invitations. What an amazing heirloom. I’m speechless just imagining getting a present like that; wow.


So cool. Now this makes me wanna collect stories about women and thier grammas ans cool stuff like this. Would you all read a book like that? :thinking:

Yes, I would. I think that kinda stuff is interesting.

That’s a great idea, feministmama! A book like that would have a lot of appeal.