A "newbie" with a question

I’ve been knitting (again) for about a year and just started a really pretty afghan in the Bear Claw pattern. I ended up really messing up and had to start over (fortunately I wasn’t too far along). Can anyone tell me if I’m doing this part of the pattern right?

It reads: K4, *K6,yo [sl 1, K1, psso]. Of course I do the K4, K6…then [B]for the yo I’m wrapping the yarn from front to back all the way around the needle again in order to have the yarn at the front of the needle so I can slip the next stitch[/B]. Does that sound right?

Thanks for any help and I think I’m going to love this site! :yay:


I think what you need to do is to bring the yarn over to the needle to the back, and then when you (Sl 1, K1, PSSO), you slip knitwise, then your yarn is in the right position for the knit stitch before the PSSO. If you bring it all the way to the front, I think you’ll end up with extra stitches. (I’d have to actually do this to be sure, so I’m just envisioning this in my mind, but I think that would be the case.)

Thanks-I think that may be where I messed up. I did end up with extra stitches. I will try it the way you suggest-M