A newbie question

I have a question about ssk. I don’t see the real benefit of sliping the stitches to the other needle, why not just knit them together in the first place?? I’m just learning to knit, so this may be a stupid question, but it just seems like slipping them from one needle to the next doesn’t really make a difference, and one could just knit them together in the first place. Can you explain the relevance of slipping the stitches before knitting them together?? Thanks!!

You could do that, but it twists the stitches. If you like the way it looks then go for it. There are no knitting police. :teehee:

Gotcha! Thanks!!!

The ssk slants to the left, slipping them turns the sts so they don’t have a twist; slip 1, k1, psso is the same decrease, just done differently. K2tog is a right leaning decrease, k2tog tbl slants left also but with a twist. You can do whichever you think looks better.