A new to me cast on - what's it's name?

EDITED to correct my mistake. I copy/pasted salmonmac’s correction to replace the incorrect instructions.

What is this cast on called? Using knitted cast on, co 3 sts, *k1, k2tog tbl, slip those 2 sts to left needle, knit cast on 2 more sts ; rpt from *.
It’s pretty. It’s stretchy. The first picture is just the cast on; second with some stockinette worked; third is showing the stretch compared to a k2tog bind off
.Nameless cast on Nameless cast on with stockinette Nameless cast on stretch

If I ever knit cuff down socks I think I’ll use this co for them; it would be nice for starting a hat too.


Thanks, GG. I’ve seen something similar used as a stretchy bind off called a k-two-tog.
Where should the first asterisk be?

I’m not sure how to answer your question. After the original cast on of 3 sts you repeat (k1, k2tog tbl, slip those 2 sts to left needle). I ended with the slipping 2 to left needle and started with a purl row.

Cast on 3, k1, k2tog tbl, slip 2 sts to left needle, k1, k2tog, sl 2 sts to left needle, k1, k2tog, sl 2 sts to left needle and so on.

Does that help?

Please rewrite it to make it work. If what I’m posting doesn’t clear it up I can try again.

I used the k2tog bind off because it is stretchy and I wanted to compare the stretch of the cast on to the bind off. I knew it was stretchy but was surprised it beat out the bind off. Full disclosure: I didn’t do k2tog tbl on the bind off. :wink: :wink: Someone on another site was asking for help on a top down tee and this was the cast on for the front neck to join to the other shoulder as I understood the problem. It would make a nice detail on a neckline I think.

Looking back at the photos, the cast on is on the bottom in the ones with stockinette. I should have pointed that out. I’m wondering if I created confusion as to which edge is the cast on.

I’ve gotten so much help and learned so much from you. If this is something you like and I passed it along I’ll be walking on air!

You are too kind. I love the new techniques and finds that you post.

I’m probably in need of coffee. Actually I am in need of coffee.
If I cast on 3, k1, k2tog, (that uses up the 3sts, no?) slip those 2 sts to the left needle. Now I have only 2sts on the left needle.


You need coffee and I’m so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open but as soon as I go to bed I’ll be wide awake again.

Thank you. That is correct. The repeat uses the first 3 cast on stitches leaving 1 new one. Each repeat adds 1 stitch.

My grandson wanted a sweater from me and thanks to you and Jan and others he got it. I was too dumb to start with a simpler pattern but you all got me through it. That was a long time ago. He asked his mom would Gramma mind if he donated it since he’d outgrown it. I guess he was about 10 when I made it and now he’s in his second year of college.

Coffee sounds wonderful but maybe I’ll be able to go to sleep and save it for later.

Sleep is good.

This is what worked for me:
Using knitted cast on, co 3 sts, *k1, k2tog tbl, slip those 2 sts to left needle, knit cast on 2 more sts; rpt from *.

Thanks for the clarification. A pattern writer I am not.

I did get some sleep finally, thanks. Now I have coffee, the elixir of the gods.

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I read what I posted and saw exactly what you wrote. It hit me some time later what was different. I hopefully got the correction right, my intent was to copy/paste what you typed over what I’d done. Thanks again.

Too late in the day for more coffee, more’s the pity.

This is interesting. I’ve struggled with some of the stretchy cast-ons that put me through more contortions than I can follow. But this sounds quite manageable; I must give it a try! I wonder what its name is?

In general no cast on is stretchy unless it’s done to be stretchy. I’ve done a German twisted cast on, a cast on I really love, that was tighter than the long tail cast on I did at that time. A long tail cast on is just as stretchy as any other if you build the stretch in. The second video shows the cable cast on too.

Long tail and cable cast ons