A New thought

I am thinking about knitting a new type of shrug. Take a lace pattern stitch and cast on the number of stitches to equal the measurement of the intended recipient arm length across the back and the other arm. Knit until the width if it is pleasing to your eye and then bind off. Then fold the knitted piece in half the long way and sew up the ends for about ten inches to make the sleeve. You can then pick up stitches around and knit a border to finish it off. The sleeve ends will have a scalloped or wavy edge depending on the stitch pattern you used.

That would be a fun way to incorporate all kinds of stitch patterns, stripes, etc. Are you going to try one?

ETA: Reminded me of this pattern which took me a while to find:

yes I am going to try one, it will be for my daughter in law’s Christmas present I already have the yarn, 3 hanks of Knit picks Shimmer in the Lamb colorway. It is a 70% baby alpaca 30 % silk blend.I will take a picture of it , after I have started working on it.Her measurement is 5 ft 4 inches from fingertip to finger tip.