A New Love

I am loving the harmony needles by Knit Picks! I love the shape. I am not fighting to keep the stitches on the needle so my hands are less stressed but yet the needle is smooth enough that the stitches glide easily on to the next needle. My stitches look so much nicer!

I will have to wait a bit to order the full set though as I just placed another order for about $100 worth of yarn. I would also like to see if there is a warranty as one of the needles they sent has a bit of a defect. Where the wood connects to the metal it is not smooth like the other one. The stitches tend to get a bit caught in this area. I am wondering if they will send me a new one if I mail this one back. I am assuming that since the one is very smooth that the others are likely supposed to be as well.

How are others liking the Harmony sets?

Glad you like the Harmony needles. Knit Picks has always been good about replacing defective needles so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them and explain the problem. It’s miserable to have sts snag on any part of a needle.

I love my Nickel Plated Options, too! One thing about KP is they have amazing customer service. You won’t have to send them the defective needle either. Just give them a call and they’ll send out a new set. :thumbsup:

There are some hints to using them…

-Use a grippy piece of shelf liner along with the key to tighten them. I’ve never had mine come untwisted since I started using that. And when you tighten them make sure you’re not twisting the purple cable. Hold on to the metal parts only.

-When moving a lot of stitches along the cable to get them into knitting position don’t yank the needles. I put a couple fingers on the cable at one end and slide the stitches the other way to the needle.

Since I’ve started taking this care I’ve never had a problem… other than the occasional needle or cable that needs replacing.

[B]I totally agree![/B] Harmony wood needles are about the best on the market as far as wood goes! I’ve purchased different needles over the years, many brands, some much more expensive than Harmony…and Harmony wins! They are excellent!

Normally I’m a metal needle girl, but I just started using my Harmony wood tips when I started a lace scarf. They’re absolutely divine for lace yarns where you need a bit of “stickiness”.

I’m so glad you like them! I’ve yet to get something from knitpicks that I don’t like, and my checking account definitely suffers for it!

Jan you were 100% right, I’ve started working just to support a knitting habit. LOL

Glad to hear you’re loving your new needles. Great news–especially since you paid some money for them.

I just bought some of the Cubics needles, and I love those. Then I got some of the DPNs from the same site: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. I haven’t used them yet, but I think I’ll like them, too. In addition, I have some bamboo DPNs, which are a bit sticky, and I like those as well. So I have a mix of needles, which keeps things interesting!