A new knitter

Hello, My name is adrienne and I am new to the world of knitting. I am a crocher but always been interest in knitting. I have been teaching myself from the knit help video. I have caught on pretty good. Although It feels funny holding to needles,when you are uses to holding one.(smile) Once I get all the stitches down correctly any suggestion on what to knit first that would be easy for me. Thanks

Welcome Adre!

A garter stitch scarf is a great first project. You practice the knit stitch and the rows are shorter so if you make a mistake you see it sooner. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new craft!

Dish cloths are good for new knitters too.

There are lots of patterns here… http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/dishcloths.php

Welcome to knitting world… it’s so much fun!

Thanks, MAma Dawn, Kristin for the tip for my first project that would be easy for me to make. Will let you guy’s know how it turns out.