A new ? Help anyone?

Booties, with a pattern new to me. Got this far -(37sts.) K 12, put on holder, work garter st. on 13 instep sts., put last 12 on holder. K 24rows on 13 st instep. Now I get frustrated. I picked up 12 sts along 1 side of instep, K 12 on holder, O.K. up to here. Then K back picking up 12 along other side of instep. (I’m on the wrong side of the instep to do that!!. It continues, K12, then 12 from other holder (61 sts). Would love to know how I achieve that. Thanks.

pickup 12, knit 12.

knit back until you reach the other side of the instep. pick up 12, knit the 12 on the other holder.

Thanks, MMario, I’ll give it a try. Think I tried knitting back across the instep sts. and still was wrong. Will do it again. Have done other booties, but this is a new one!