A new crocheter

I’ve only just started to crochet and I love it! I am half way through my first project and I only started it three days ago! The speed of crochet is amazing. I seem to be much faster crocheting than knitting.

That’s great! I crocheted first and wasn’t really prepared for knitting to take so much longer than crochet. I knew it would be slower but I still wasn’t ready for the extended time investment.

Welcome to KH!

Thankyou :slight_smile: I’ve wanted to join a knitting forum for ages but, I’ve never found a good one. Saying this, I really like this one so far :slight_smile:

There are other knitting forums? :noway:

I found KH when I first got serious about learning to do something with the knit and purl stitches I’d learned to make. I asked a question here and here I’ve stayed.

when i mention KH on menwhoknit.com they’re amazed that a) there are other places for help online and B) that i’d dare speak the name(s) of any other site(s)… as if MWK.com can do everything… bunch of sissy marys and so protective of the “sacred male knitting space.”… barfola…

X :wink:

That was one of the things I noticed here, linking to other forums doesn’t seem to be discouraged at all and any and all insight and help or source of info is welcomed. Before I really got into knitting and found my hands much prefer it I crocheted a lot. I used to go to Crochetville (I think that was it) but found this site much more helpful. If I hadn’t already known how to crochet I don’t think going to that forum would have helped much. If I run into a crochet problem I’ll ask here first. I might stray somewhere else if I felt I needed to. I should look at men who knit, maybe I’ll pretend to be a dude and join them. I’m putting stitches back on the needles from waste yarn and can’t let myself get too distratcted, maybe I’ll remember later and look up men who knit up.

KH got me through my first project, a sweater. That was amazing.

ETA I have read some at other knitting forums but never saw any reason to join them. :shrug:

Sissy Marys :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m a knitter with a deep wanting to learn to crochet . I’ve seen crochet pieces from years past and never really like how sometimes the garments didn’t drape like a knitted garment drapes and no I am not a knitting snob , just saying . I’ve been looking at crocheted sweaters and I’m seeing a much different look now in how things drape. Maybe it’s the yarn used:shrug: Plus , even after having some time under my belt with knitting I am still a slow knitter:hair: . I have heard crocheting is much faster …hey I just noticed there are no emotions /icons for crocheters on here (OK , my ADHD just kicked in) and would love to learn crocheting . First things first, have to get all of my WIP done before learning a new skill.

Nana, save something knit to work on while you learn crochet, maybe. It can be nice to return to the familiar.

I’ve watched my grandma doing all this stuff from my childhood. But I was never interested in it until now. But the irony is, we don’t live together. Got to take her help via skype. :aww: Funny scenarios…!!!

Thanks GG, that’s what I’m doing . Learning new abbreviations is slowing me down though. I’m not using a pattern right now, just doing a DC going back and forth crocheting a dish towel for the hubby. He likes my knitted dishrags and asked for a towel so I thought this would be a good time to try this crochet thing. My ends look a little weird to me though, kind of like little steps on the sides where I turn and go back each time ? Am I doing something wrong, still keeping the count right (using 40 sts co of 40 sts) ? I can’t believe how fast it goes, much faster than knitting :rofl: I feel empowered knowing I’m learning another way to use up my yarn stash ! Plus, is it just my imagination or does crocheting work up thicker then knitting ? My knitted clothes are not as thick and it’s the same yarn :shrug:

Crochet is faster. Crochet is thicker. Crochet is fantastic for lots of things. It’s good to know how to do both knit and crochet.

You’re doing dc? Try chaining 2 instead of 3 at the end of the row and doing it loosely. I found that gave me a nicer edge. You can chain and then dc into the first stitch also, it’s thicker that way. Plan on doing a round of sc to finish it off. I was never thrilled with the ends of rows. Some people make them much neater than I ever could.

You’ll want to check out the foundation sc and dc. It skips the first chain and can be used on most projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxN8TUnIv7M

Post a pic of your crochet, please, or a link to a pic.

Should or can I do the changing from a dc to sc mid stream ?

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

Just watched the link you gave GG, I wish I had seen that sooner. My co edge is tight like she said it would be , oh well learning as I go .

Dc is taller than sc. You can switch any time you want but it will give an uneven row. Why are you switching stitches midrow? Just playing around to see what happens? Some patterns call for changing like that but if you’re just doing straight rows and want it square or rectangular you’ll have to compensate by doing sc on top of dc and dc on top of sc. You can experiment. If you don’t like it rip back. No stitches to capture on a needle. :thumbsup:


I had crocheted many years and had many unsatisfactory chain starts before I ever found out about fsc and fdc. My son of all people told me he’d seen someone start to crochet without that godawful chain but I had no idea how to do it and no idea what to look for. I stumbled across it and [COLOR=“Red”][B]L :heart: OVED[/B][/COLOR] it. There weren’t many tutorials that I could find, now they’re a dime a dozen, just like ambulance chasing lawyers. :wink:

Said son neither knitted nor crocheted at the time. I have to ask how his knitting goes lately.

You suggested ‘chaining 2 instead of 3 at the end of the row’ going by that I thought you meant trying it on my next turn around :shrug: I don’t know what I’m really doing at this point, I’m just hoping in the end to be able to do this piece and use it in the kitchen even if it comes out a little wonky. So, I’m ready to turn … it’s just an experiment at this point , I don’t care if one end looks different then the other sooo,what should I do GG.

spinning the wheel of destiny And the answer is: Try the loose 2 ch turn. What’s to lose? Be brave. YOU CAN DO IT! Figuring out what works for you on this piece will help a lot when the edges of the finished piece matter more to you. I prefer the 2 ch turn for dc, a tall loose ch1 for hdc, and just pull the last loop of the last row up really loose for sc. You will find what works best for you.

I thought you meant to switch stitches in the middle of a row. We get there eventually, don’t we?

It’s not you , it’s me :rofl:

No. It’s me. Can you see me stomping my foot? :rofl: