A Neat Interview I found

Found this neat little interview in a blog archive, check it out!

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Pert Plus for fine hair
Moisturizer: none
Cologne: none
Razor: Gilette Mach3
Toothpaste: Aim Cavity Protection
Cell phone: none right now.
Computer: Dell Inspiron Desktop, Gateway Laptop
Television: Apex, Sony, Curtis Mathis, Panasonic.
Stereo: 40Gb 4G iPod, plus other assorted devices
Sheets: 370 thread count 100% cotton Ralph Lauren
Coffee-maker: none-instant coffee
Car: Mercury Sable LS
Stationery: personalized note pads.
Bottled water: many different brands
Coffee: Folgers instant.
Vodka: Nope.
Beer: Not at all.
Jeans: Faded Glory straight leg.
T-shirt: plain white t-shirt.
Briefcase or tote: canvas tote.
Sneakers: Dr. Scholls with extra arch support.
Watch:Timex Easy Reader.
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Knit Shop, Home
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Knitting, Diet Coke, Books, Eye Drops

Is there supposed to be a link to something?

Not really, but I can post to the blog site I found it on-here ya go’!


I guess I still don’t get it. Do you just fill in the blanks, as a way to share information about yourself?

Sorry…school is totally frying my brain this week…finals…

Yup, just fill in the blanks. Don’t have to if you don’t want to, I Just thought it’d be fun to share. :shrug:

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Pantene for curly hair.
Moisturizer: Ponds biohydrating for face, Jergen’s everywhere else.
Cologne: none.
Razor: Soleil.
Toothpaste: Whatever’s on sale and is minty.

Cell phone: LG something or other.
Computer: Dell Desktop, Toshiba laptop.
Television: My bf’s old tv. Use it to watch movies mostly.
Stereo: none.

Sheets: Most of them bought at thrift stores, second-hand places or linen sales at Wallyworld.
Coffee-maker: Sunbeam 12 cup.
Car: Mazda Protege.
Stationery: Whatever’s on hand.

Bottled water: tap water’s good enough for me.
Coffee: Folgers Columbian.
Vodka: It’s been a while since I drank any. Usually Smirnoff.
Beer: Mexican brands: Indio and Tecate.

Jeans: Levis 515.
T-shirt: Plain. Black, Dark red/green/blue.
Briefcase or tote: Simple tote from HL.
Sneakers: Crosstrainers seem to have the best support for my feet. As long as they fit and are comfortable, I don’t care what brand they are.
Watch: Haven’t worn one in a long time. Usually just check the cellphone.

[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Home, nature, bookstores and libraries.

[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Knitting, book, scratch paper.

I’m in for the fun. :slight_smile:

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Tea Tree Thickening with lemon
Moisturizer: L’oreal
Cologne: none
Razor: Intuition
Toothpaste: Tom’s of Maine Natural
Cell phone: I am the only one I know without one.
Computer: Sony Vaio, Desktop
Television: None
Stereo: 6Gig Zen Micro, very nice computer speakers
Sheets: Flannel. I live in MT, and we need all the warmth we can get!
Coffee-maker: Bodum coffee press
Car: Kia Spectra
Stationery: Shabby Chic from Target (last year’s clearance stationary)
Bottled water: from the tap into my Nalgene
Coffee: fresh ground espresso. Brands change.
Vodka: No Thanks.
Beer: None of that either.
Jeans: Levi’s Low, Short.
T-shirt: A quirky threadless tee. I’ve got about 15. :open_mouth:
Briefcase or tote: tote
Sneakers: Adidas Superstar II. I have them with green stripes and with blue stripes.
Watch:A Times metal one that I can’t wear. Keeping an eye out for the wrapped Fossil ones where no metal touches the skin.
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Home, the library, the coffeeshop.
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Knitting, Sock yarn collecting, My Torker bike, tons of audiobooks.

That was fun! :slight_smile:

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Suave, whatever flavor the kids pick out
Moisturizer: none
Cologne: none
Razor: Some electric kind DH bought me
Toothpaste: Whatever the kids pick out
Cell phone: Miami Ink Cherry Blossoms Razr
Computer: Something my brother built
Television: 13" Sanyo
Stereo: Under the counter radio cd player
Sheets: None for me. I sleep in a recliner.
Coffee-maker: yuck
Car: 2004 Ford Freestar (van)
Stationery: Notebook paper
Bottled water: straight out of the tap
Coffee: yuck
Vodka: Almost 24 years sober… yeah!!
Beer: ditto above
Jeans: Don’t wear them
T-shirt: Pocket tees. Black, gray or navy
Briefcase or tote: neither
Sneakers: Whatever Wallyworld has on sale.
Watch: None.
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Yarn, diet pepsi

Sure why not?
[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Head N Shoulders
Moisturizer: none
Cologne: none
Razor: M3 motorized
Toothpaste: Just water
Cell phone: Samsung
Computer: Too many to list, all custom built.
Television: Custom built
Stereo: Part of Television.
Sheets: Flannel
Coffee-maker: none
Car: Austin-Healy Sprite
Stationery: who needs Stationery?
Bottled water: none
Coffee: none
Vodka: Sometimes Smirnoff
Beer: Miller Genuine Draft
Jeans: Whatever’s comfortable
T-shirt: See Jeans
Briefcase or tote: tote
Sneakers: Generic
Watch: Sundial out on front lawn
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Knitting, custom built recumbent bicycle.

Grooming Products
Shampoo: Infusium for volume
Moisturizer: Olay for face, St. Ives for body
Cologne: Perfume? Alfred Sung Shi
Razor: Venus
Toothpaste: Whatever is on sale…but usually Crest
Cell phone: navy Razr
Computer: ohhh, let’s see, Dell Inspiron notebook, Dell Latitude notebook, a Macbook and Compaq Presario.
Television: an old Hitachi
Stereo: none
Sheets: Ralph Lauren from Homesense
Coffee-maker: none
Car: Ford Ranger
Stationery: Do people write letters anymore? I do have some cute knitting notecards I just bought and “reading woman” notecards and some Monet paper.
Bottled water: I don’t believe in bottled water, why waste energy bottling water that’s usually from the tap anyways? I have a Brita filter
Coffee: I drink green tea
Vodka: Whatever they put in my Caesars!
Beer: I don’t like beer, but sometimes I’ll sip a Carona
Jeans: from Dynamite
T-shirt: also from Dynamite
Briefcase or tote: nope
Sneakers: Saucony
Watch: none…usually check the cell
Favorite Places
the couch with my DBF watching a movie, home
Necessary Extravagance
Obviously knitting, gorgeous shoes, makeup, chocolate

[B]Grooming Products
[/B]Shampoo: Aubrey Organics (just got some rose-smelling stuff – very nice)
Moisturizer: Bare Escentuals
Cologne: none
Razor: Venus
Toothpaste: Jason Sea Fresh
Cell phone: LG’s Fusic
Computer: MacBook Pro 17"
Television: Something big (Sony, I think) in the den. Sonys in the bedrooms
Stereo: None…just Sirius Radio in the car
Sheets: None for me. Sleep on a futon with quilts
Coffee-maker: Do not own. Cannot stand the smell or taste of coffee
Car: 2006 Ford Explorer (cannot stand, but great gas mileage)
Stationery: none
Bottled water: Dasani
Coffee: yuck
Vodka: Don’t drink
Beer: Don’t drink
Jeans: American Eagle
T-shirt: Soccer or Auburn t-shirts
Briefcase or tote: both
Sneakers: Brooks
Watch: Seiko
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Home, Bookstores, Soccer Fields
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Natures Gate Tea Tree Shampoo (but I’m always switching shampoos)
Moisturizer: Olay Complete
Cologne: Chance by Chanel
Razor: Venus
Toothpaste: Aquafresh Extreme Clean
Cell phone: Motorola 850 via Nextel
Computer: Custom built pc
Television: Daewoo 47" flat widescreen
Stereo: Sony receiver with Acoustat speakers or my Nano iPod
Sheets: Cotton something or others
Coffee-maker: Black & Decker
Car: 2000 Ford F150
Stationery: Firebird email
Bottled water: Publix Purified
Coffee: French Market Coffee & Chicory
Vodka: Nope
Beer: Maybe a sip or two of Pierre’s Honey Brown or Guinness Stout
Jeans: Comfy, whatever brand… don’t care.
T-shirt: Plain white cotton v-neck women’s tees
Briefcase or tote: knitting bag
Sneakers: Avia 2051
Watch: A digi Timex, 01 Binary Watch, a few goldtones…
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
[B]Necessary Extravagance
[/B]Pedicures every two weeks. Knitting, yarn, and fiber for spinning. Chocolate chip cookies from Publix bakery.

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Suave volume
Moisturizer: Lubriderm (spf for day, reg for night)
Cologne: none
Razor: Gilette womens
Toothpaste: It varies
Cell phone: Nokia
Computer: Dell desktop and laptop
Television: 32" JVC
Stereo: none
Sheets: JCPenney extra deep
Coffee-maker: Krups
Car: 2005 Honda Accord
Stationery: none, use email
Bottled water: Target or whatever is cheap
Coffee: Seattle’s Best, but use store brand, too
Vodka: ick
Beer: double ick
Jeans: Liz Claiborne Stretch
T-shirt: Eddie Bauer
Briefcase or tote: just a knitting tote
Sneakers: New Balance
Watch: don’t usually wear one
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Home, LYS, Bookstore
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Knitting, Diet Coke, Books

Thanks, Braden. This is fun! Although, sad that I had to run around the house to find most of the answers :roflhard:

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Low Poo, Deva Curl
Moisturizer: Cetaphil with spf
Cologne: Eternity by Calvin Klein
Razor: whatever my husband leaves around
Toothpaste: Colgate Total
Cell phone: Treo 700p
Computer: 20" iMac
Television: Panasonic 50" plasma
Stereo: no idea, scattered iPods of varying ages
Sheets: Cotton something or other
Coffee-maker: Proctor-Silex
Car: 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid
Stationery: gmail
Bottled water: tap is fine, thanks
Coffee: decaf
Vodka: Ewww
Beer: Ditto
Jeans: Caslon and Banana Republic are my current faves
T-shirt: Nothing special
Briefcase or tote: Laptop and work bag from Franklin-Covey
Sneakers: Merrill
Watch: Movado, but mostly look at my phone for the time
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Home. Anywhere warm.
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Weekly manicure. Great food. Yarn.

Wow, really interesting, isn’t it?

[B]Grooming Products[/B]
Shampoo: Whatever is on sale
Moisturizer: Moisturel
Cologne: none
Razor: venus
Toothpaste: whatever is on sale
Cell phone: LG 150
Computer: Dell inspiron 1501 (laptop) + old desktop
Television: old Sears tv
Stereo: Technics
Sheets: Cotton
Coffee-maker: Bodum (french press)
Car: none
Stationery: email
Bottled water: tap only
Coffee: any arabica blend (strong)
Vodka: as long as it’s in a cocktail, any is fine.
Beer: Belgian-inspired beers (but where is wine in this list? :shrug:)
Jeans: Gap
T-shirt: whatever fits
Briefcase or tote: backpack
Sneakers: whatever fits
Watch: Trieste
[B]Favorite Places[/B]
Home, my parent’s cottage, nature
[B]Necessary Extravagance[/B]
Good wine, chocolate with > 70% cocoa