A Mysterious Twist

I’m a bit of an unexperianced knitter-

I wanted to knit a bit of something on my new magic loop needle, so I started a hat, thinking I would practice dropping a single stitch each round until the hat ended in a point. I might add a pom pom to the end, I might practice changing out yarns to make stripes; It was meant to be this very experimental project.

It is going well and I am enjoying myself, but some how my project got a twist in it. At the beginning I just had a basic loop, the rim of my hat. About a dozen rows in I noticed that this twist happened. I was kinda bummed, but I just thought I would just knit and drop a stitch until the end when I would bind off. I’m about 30 rows in and the twist is kinda getting in the way.

Do I need to start over?

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Any fixes?

The twist won’t go away. It happened in your very first row… You have to make sure that the cast on row is not twisted when you join your round. Some knitters knit the first couple of rows flat then start knitting in the round. You can sew up the first couple of rounds. I am afraid you will have to start over. And to answer your question has anyone else done this. Yes, I am afraid so.

Well shucks.

I guess I should have questioned this twist about 31 rows ago!

haha o well. Thanks nannaknits!

I think anyone who knits in the round has done this. You say you plan to drop stitches, that’s going to leave them to run down. You might want to do a k2tog dec instead.