A must see! New Knitty


Forget knitting it, who’s brave enough to wear it? :shock:

ha. i would if it was warm enough around here :slight_smile:

Looooove this one, though!

oo and I like the diamond bag!

I’m drooling over Tie One On…but sigh it’s on circs. Are circs any harder than dpn’s? I just got the hang of dpn’s not tooo long ago.

Circs are EASY PEASY!!! I LOVE 'em!

Ditto! They are way easy. the yoga top has made my must do list :thumbsup:

I LOVE the monkey bag soooo much. I need to start trying out dpns. But unless there’s a good place to buy wooden dpn’s online, I’m going to have to just make my own (God help us all). Needle selection around here sucks, and the only dpns I’ve seen are alum. and I know that I’ll want wooden ones to prevent all the sliding around.

Love, love too many of them!!! I’d wear that with something underneath of course. :lol: just when I decided not to buy more yarn for a while I find summer tops to make, sheesh!

i would rather use circs than dpns or straights! Takes the weight off for heavy projects and we all know i think dpns are evil anyway!