A More Beatiful Edge for Long Tail Cast-on


I know a person knitting left handed. I have been noticing that her cast on edge is more beautiful than mine. Today I found out the secret. She is always casting on like all right handed are doing, with long tail cast on. As she is approaching her stitches from another direction than what right handed do, she is ending up twisting each stitch on the first row.

I tried this myself. I cast on like I always do, but then on the first row I approached each stitch from the opposite direction and I got this beautiful edge. It will resemble a chain.

How to do it:
Cast on a long tail cast on, like you normally do, holding the needle in the right hand.

  • If you turn after cast on and purl back, put in the right needle into each stitch from the left.
  • If you work in the rounds and knit straight after cast on, put in the right needle into each stitch from the right.


Very interesting idea and worth a try. Good of you to notice it and to post for us to try.


Do you mean knit through the back of each stitch? Thanks.


@patt, I have noticed there are many different definition of what a back of a stitch is so I try to avoid that.

Normally when doing a knit stitch, you push in your right hand needle from the left. For trying this, you do it from the right side (or through the back-loop that some call it).

The same apply for purl stitches: normally you would purl from the right side, but now you should purl from the left side instead.

After the first row you just purl and knit like usually.