A Mirrored Chart for knitted Shawl

I want to join Ravelry’s 10 Shawls for 2010. I came across a shawl I love but one chart is only for the right side. How do I create a mirror image? I am going to scan the chart and flip the image? Will I need to alter increase and decrease stitches? Do all stitches remain the same?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!:aww:

No don’t flip it, you just knit from left to right instead, do the decs opposite. If there’s a / you do a \ and vice versa. Sometimes they’re the same as if you start from the beginning of the row again. I’ve done them that way when I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a ‘mirror’ pattern and they turned out fine. Don’t forget the K1 in the center st.

It’s hard to say without knowing the pattern.

Usually when you are only given the chart for one side it is one of two cases.

A) The chart if for a complete panel and you just work it twice as charted

B) the chart is actually a half chart and you work it right to left, and then back again left to right. - normally reversing the right decrease to left decreases and left decreases to right decreases.

Occasionally you will get a half chart that needs to be worked, mirrorred and then the whole process repeated.

Thanks Guys! I’ll give the pattern a try.:thumbsup: