A Lovely Creation of God

I was so happy this butterfly lingered long enough for me to
capture it on “film”.

This was just a few minutes ago!

Look, and see it’s proboscis (sp?) dipping into the cup of the lantana.
Even butterflies have lunchtimes, eh?

Here’s a fuller shot:

Wow that is absolutly lovely! Great Shot! :yay:

Your photos are always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful shot! Thanks for sharing!!


I :heart: butterflies!

Ever been to a butterfly house? there’s one on the University of Gainesville campus, and another butterfly sanctuary in Milwaukee, Wis.

IF you are blessed to go to a butterfly house, WEAR RED OR YELLOW, and a butterfly will land on you, thinking you’re a flower!

Now that is a great shot, Photolady. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture. BTW, what camera are you using?

amazing :slight_smile:

THAT is a beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing it!


a CANON DIGITAL REBEL, and, a zoom lens with an image stabilizer.

very handy to have, when the hands get tired.

Very beautiful!! The butterfly AND the photo!!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! That’s so pretty. I’ve been bitten by the spring bug now that it’s march, but I see the “s” word in the forecast. We have a butterfly exhibit that we go to every year and tonight we get to go and search for them with flashlights! Sooo cool!! Thanks for sharing…

What a beautiful photo!!! It makes me think of spring as I look out the window at 12" of snow.

Thanks for sharing! :muah:

You ought to go in the daytime, too, and take a decent camera.
I use my macro lens for extreme closeups, plus, using photoshop.
I took this photo with the zoom lens, then downloaded it into photoshop, and zoomed in, cropped, and all that.
I hope you get to take some photos of butterflies during the day, at that place. The cocoons are interesting, too!

WOw! Nnice shot!:thumbsup: I wanna camera like that too :teehee:

Oooh, so beautiful! I can’t wait to see my lantana blooming again! :mrgreen:

Beautiful pictures.

Thank you for sharing that…it is beautiful and made my afternoon!!! :muah: