A little whine

ugg…post disapeared…

Ok…I think that this might turn into a whine rather than a plea for help…but here goes…

I am making a purse like this one… felted, flap…

I am concerned that this isn’t going to felt down as much as I like…ya…didn’t make a swatch…sigh…

It is taking up a LOT of yarn…I am using Lopi.

Should I
a) frog it
b)keep it up, and just buy more yarn

I found a bag where I liked the proportions, and so I am using those…24 inches wide and 22 inches tall, pre-felting. And crossing my fingers that it’ll shrink down…I can felt the heck out of it right??? and it’ll be ok??? RIGHT??? :slight_smile:

Could you knit a swatch NOW and felt it just to put your mind at ease?

It is a really cute purse and a shame to take out all you’ve done. It’s frustrating to keep knitting something in hopes that it will work out in the end, though.

sigh…I had to frog it…

I knit for another hour thinking I had 5 balls, but had only 4!!! So it all had to come out.

That pink one btw was my very first creation…:slight_smile: that’s MINE…lol…allll MINE…:slight_smile:

That’s a really cute purse! I was wondering though…if you felt it won’t it lose the pretty border?

the bag I had to frog was like the one in the picture…purse, with attached straps and a flap. I have already felted that pink one…(and didn’t de-lint when I snapped the pic.)…forgot to.

I got one ball nearly done at dinner today…so I should have it done by this weekend. It is a much more manageable size now…I just WISH I would have swatched first…oh well…live and learn.

When I made the pink bag, all I really wanted was the scallop edge. I didn’t care if the feather and fan pattern went away or not. It didn’t, so I was happy!!!