A little useful tip...Reinserting your needle

I found something that worked super well for me, and I wanted to pass it along…while knitting in the round, I realized I wanted to re-knit the last few rows (no, I didn’t mess up and have to rip out stitches :wink: , I just wanted to re-knit them… :angelgrin: )
Anyways, instead of trying to reinsert my circ’s through 70 stitches, I threaded my tapestry needle with a contrasting yarn and went through the stitches that way. It was much easier untwisting them, and not splitting fibers, and not dropping stitches out in front of the ones I was trying to pick up. And then I just ran my circ’s through using that as a guide. Then I was guaranteed no dropped stitches!
It worked really well for me, since reinserting my needle isn’t my forte, and I just wanted to share!! :smiley:
Now I must go re-knit those few rows… :wink:

:thumbsup: Thanks!

GREAT tip!!

Must write that one down in my new Knitting Journal… :wink: