A Little Trouble with Increases for Sweater Sleeves

Hello! I’m working on a long sleeve for a sweater, and can’t quite tell what the directions mean. I’ve done increases but this is my first sweater. A picture is below:


My confusion comes in at step six for the 4 repeats- the first time I did Step 5 I worked in the extra 1.5inches. Does this mean I should be adding the 1.5 inches in each repeat of steps 3-5? If so I’m guessing this would spread out the increases along the sleeve. Currently I’ve just been doing the repeats without knitting the extra 1.5 inches, the sleeve should measure 18.5 inches before the decreases start. Let me know if more clarification is needed, any and all help is appreciated!

Thanks so much !!

Can you please provide a link to the pattern or at least the name

Hi Trisha!

Thanks for your reply, I tried to upload a photo but It didn’t go through. I’ll type the directions below:

  1. Knit 1 stitch, increase, work in mock fishermans rib until there is 1 stitch left in your row, increase, knit 1 stitch.

  2. Work a pattern row 2 of mock fishermans rib.

  3. Continue to work in mock fishermans rib for 1.5" (approx. a further 8 rows). Your last row must be a wrong side row.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 a further 4 times.

  1. Work in mock fishermans rib until your sleeve measures 18.5" from the cast on edge (approx. a further 28 rows). Your last row must be a wrong side row.

Hope this helps!! Thanks again : )


Can you link to your pattern or give the exact name and the name of the designer so we can try to find it, please.

Assuming that 6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 a further 4 times. is exactly what the pattern says, then yes, work the additional 1.5" before the next increase row.

I agree with Gramma a link or exact name would help

I purchased the kit from Wool and the Gang, it’s called the ‘Replay’ Jumper. Not sure if it’s circulating online, I will try to upload an image of the paper pattern and post it in a reply. Thanks :smile:

I think this is it.

I’m going to stick with work your increases every 1.5". If the sleeve is too long or too short you might fudge a little on the measurement rather than frog and rework it. salmonmac is our resident expert on such things I suppose.

Yup, 1.5 inches between increase rows. It should take about 7.5 inches for the set of 5 total increases (counting the last 1.5 inches which will continue the sleeve).

Far from expert, just a lot of sweaters in the rear view mirror.

Perfect! Okay will continue in that way. Thanks so much salmonmac and everyone for your wisdom here!