A little rant

I’m having a bit of a bad week and need to rant to get it off my chest.

One of my extra bone is stuck in the wire of the frame in my back, it’s hurting so much and causing these horrible headaches. The Drs have uped my morphine, I feel so sick all I’ve eaten in 3 days is rich tea biccies and tea. I can’t get out of bed for anything longer than an hour, if this doesn’t right itself soon I’ll end up in hospital which I don’t want to happen.

We’ve just had the car fixed after failing it’s MOT, and Wednesday, we had a tyer slashed in a car park. More money.

I need to be knitting for my secret swapper, but all I’ve been able to do is seam a few things for a project I’m working on. The yarn for the swap project is due in on Friday, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll feel a little better by then.

I know I’ve got no right to feel sorry for myself, that there are people much worse off, but I really needed to get things off my chest. If my neighbor hadn’t lent me his laptop I’d have gone mad not getting my daily KF fix!

Oh Nobones… Big :hug::hug::hug:… I hope you feel better soon…I’m having a nasty week myself, if it makes you feel better :muah::muah::muah::heart::heart::heart:

:muah::muah::muah: To you, Nobones!

So glad you were able to get your ‘fix’! :happydance:

You only get put on your shoulders as much as you can handle.



So sorry you’re miserable:hug::heart: I hope things will get better soon. I’m sure your swapper will understand if their present is a tad late.

Hang in there… life is like a roller coaster… it’ll get better soon!

Big bear Hugs!


Hope you start feeling better. I know what it’s like when life just hits you all at once.

Wow, sounds pretty rough. No fun being in pain all the time. I’m hoping you’ll be up and around, feeling right as rain in no time.


I hope things start to look up, its no good when a bunch of things are all happening all at once. I hope you feel better, and remember we’re always here!:hug::muah::hug::muah:

:hug::hug::hug:Hugs to you, Nobones:hug::hug::hug:

Please look after your health and do not worry about your swapper. I am sure that they understand.


I hope you’re feeling better soon!

:::hugs::: Hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

Thank you so much guys, coming here always makes me feel better. The Dr came today, if nothing changes by Friday I’ll be in hospital over the weekend having a special injection in my back. He PROMISED I would be home by Monday morning at the latest. Here’s hoping I’m fine by then.

adding my hugs to the bunch- (as longs as hugs don’t hurt!!!) hope the injection can help you feel better.


Thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Warmly and with many hugs,

Nobones, I hope you feel better soon. I always find solace in knitting and I hope you will be able to resume shortly. I am sure your secret swapper will understand your situation.

:hug:I hope you feel better soon :hug:

Nobones - I so hope you feel better soon!! ANd I agree with BostonBecca - I’m sure you’re swapper will understand you taking care of yourself first. And the vent - we all need to vent!!

I hope the injection works wonders for you!:hug::hug::hug:

Good luck!

Hello, Mike Bull here. I thought you might be interested to know, Ellie had her injection, she won’t be on for a couples of days probably. She’s a bit sore but keeping her fingers crossed that it does what it says on box.

I don’t know where else to put this, but I’m supposed to ask for the knitting pattern of a little cat? I said I’d post and check before I go and visit. She even took her knitting to hospital! Is it me or is that odd?

Thank you, Mike Bull (Mr Nobones)